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Look what you’ve done…

…You’ve made a fool of everyone.

Alcohol brings you sometimes bad advices, especially at the office. We all heard about strange couples who formed temporarily on the Christmas Party of their office or people who made a complete fool of themselves because they had a bit too much of glasses in their nose.  It’s also strange how your colleagues easily confide to you when they’re drunk, and you can learn some interesting things during that time (remember then  not to touch the booze).

At my office, each Christmas Party comes with funny events year after year. Generally, a few days after that, you see some of my colleagues skirting the walls and avoiding carefully to talk to anybody because they made a fool out of themselves during that time. Once, a female journalist, who was secretly in love with one of her colleagues, started to bend on her knees and told to the object of her affection that she loved her, to his stupefaction. They carefully avoided each other for the next three months after that.

Two of my fellow male colleagues, who are both married (not with each other) with children,  started to lick each other’s face at one of those parties. They had been drinking all night long to get to that stage, let’s precise. Now, everyone is still questioning about their latent homosexuality.

Our previous chief editor did the worst by biting the ear of one female journalists. The problem was that she was the wife (at that time) of his deputy editor, who was also present during that party and got really pissed off by this. It almost turned into a fight, but everyone kept him separated from our boss.

We had also numerous odd couples who formed during that alcoholic period, but didn’t last long after that. Their official second half weren’t thrilled at all by this. I still remember the wife of one of my colleagues, who one day came into our office with all the belongings of her husband packed in a box. She just left the box next to our secretary and went away. I guess she wasn’t pleased at all by the fact her husband kissed our receptionist at our Christmas party…

Then, there are the little confidences we shouldn’t hear. During one of our alcoholic parties, our sperm donor told me about his numerous scores in the office (eeeeewwwww) and the name of the “lucky” ladies  he had been with. Since then, I could never look at those women the same way than before…

Personally, do you try to avoid touching alcohol when you’re in a professional meeting? And if you fault in such conditions, do you tell your partner?



13 thoughts on “Look what you’ve done…

  1. Whoa. “Two of my fellow male colleagues… started to lick each other’s face…”

    I’d probably tell my partner if I had done any face licking but I’d prepare myself for the repurcussions.

    Lucky me, I’ve hated the taste of alcohol when my dad, maybe intentionally, allowed me to take a sip of, what I thought was, this magical frothy golden liquid — beer. Bleh! That was enough to give a kid a complex about alcohol for the rest of her life.

  2. Well, this is honest of you, storiesafterthefall 🙂
    But sometimes, there are things that should remain secret, that’s my point of view. And this must not be a generality.
    Alcohol surely makes you act like a fool, and the best way to avoid this is to stay away from the booze. So, you can avoid making a fool of yourself, since you don’t like alcohol 😉

  3. lovetips4all says:

    I’ve never learned to drink in my younger days, and now too late to learn, and so I’m just a sipper socially. But I’ve made a fool of myself many, many times, without the aid of alcohol 🙂

    But that is so true, once you are drunk you would do and say all things unimaginable. So yes, I will definitely try to avoid alcohol in a professional setting if I was a drinker, and I’ll come clean with my partner if I faulted. It’s not easy, but he will hear about that sooner or later, and it had better come directly from me.

  4. I’m a socially sipper like you, Eleanor 🙂
    And you’re right, it’s better that he learned the bad news from you directly than from some “good friend”.

  5. To modobs:
    the admission is part honesty, part my need to self-destruct. (Read comment below). Hehe. 😀

    To lovetips4all:
    Hello. 🙂 “But I’ve made a fool of myself many, many times, without the aid of alcohol..” Lol! Yes! Sometimes I wish I DO drink so I can give a reason for my foolsihness. 😀

  6. modobs and lovetips4all:
    LOL! We can create some kind of support group for non/social-drinking-self-destcructive fools. 😀

    Hello, I’m liz. I’m a non-drinking-self-destructive fool.

  7. Haha, Storiesafterthefall 🙂 In this case, I have a lot of friends who are already queueing to get into this club.

    Hi, Liz, welcome. I’m a non-drinking-self-destructive fool too :mrgreen:

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