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Thinking of you

At my office, this news is still making us giggle. Some of my colleagues didn’t believe we could have 237 reasons to make love. What I did find funny were these two reasons: the first was “to find sleep”, and the second “to heal my headache”. Geez, when you think that some women give the headache excuse to avoid wrestling in the sheets…

One of other reasons given was “to get a job”. One of my friends told me once about an interview he did for a job at the national TV. “There was this famous TV presenter who came to me and told me that if I wanted to get in, I had to get laid.  I just turned around and left” he said.

This reason “because I’m bored” makes me also giggle.  When I was in College, we had to do a research among the teenagers of what we call schools with positive discriminations. In other words, those were the schools where you could find all the juvenile deliquants who were parked there because the prison and other centers dedicated to them were already full. We had to do a survey among them, with many many difficulties, on their habits towards the radio and the TV.  One of the guys replied to the question:”why do you watch TV?” by this: “I watch it because I’m bored. But also, I watch it because it helps me to make love”  (these weren’t exactly the terms he used, but we had to modify the original ones because they were too graphic for our professor- although I’m sure our teacher  would have enjoyed this).  

One thing I didn’t see in this study is this reason : the bet. Back in college again, one of my roomates made a bet with one of his friends he would sleep with one of the students in his class who wasn’t exactly what we could call a true beauty (Ugly Betty next to her is a bomb). And he did. But the most surprising thing was that he stayed with her the next six months after.  He couldn’t explain why he did…

What strikes me the most in this study is the fact the sexual act is so banalized by those who replied.

Would you be offended if you learned that your partner slept with you just because he/she was bored/ wanted to find sleep/ heal his/her headache/…. Any reason, except envy and/or love?