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A perfect circle

My blogroll looks a bit sad at the moment. Some bloggers experience right now a low down ( take care, Samiha Esha), some other have completely disappeared from the public sphere (snif, Aprilfool) , and some other just go through either a lack of motivation or inspiration.

For those who need inspiration, I thought about something. What if we just start a new tag? In fact, Liz gave me the inspiration for this. With my friends, we play sometimes a little game called: “If you were left alone on a deserted island, which celebrity would you choose to spend the time with?” And the last time we did this, we all came to an agreement: this man.

But it would be more fun if you explain why you should deserve to be with the celebrity of your choice.

Let’s take a concrete example with my old flame: Maynard.

Hum, not those ones. This one.

First, here are the little facts about him you can find easily on the Internet. According to Wikipedia:

Maynard James Keenan (born April 17, 1964, as James Herbert Keenan) is an American rock singer. He has been a member of the band Tool since 1991 and was a member of the band A Perfect Circle from 1999 to 2006. He is currently touring with Tool, and pursuing his Puscifer side project and his vineyards.

Why should I deserve him :mrgreen: ? Well, we have a lot of common points.

  • He’s short ( he must be 5’5″ maximum). I’m short too.

  • He produces wine. I like wine.

  • He has an impressive spine tattoo representing a scorpion. My astrological ascendant is Scorpio!

  • It’s hard to find a decent picture of him (he must be camera-shy). I hate to be taken in picture!

  • He’s a complete mystery. I’m curious 😀

  • He has a weird fashion sense. I’m short – sighted (my friends call me the mole).

On the other hand, rumor has it that he’s gay or married (or married to a man, that’s the highest probability), and that is a definite turn off for me. And besides, he once pronounced this sentence during one of his concert: “f*** Britney Spears in the a**”. Well, I have to disagree. He has a really bad taste if he wanted to do so. Look at her now.

If I was a man, I wouldn’t want to f*** that mess. Eewww

So, if this is a tag, it has to be passed to other bloggers. Liz, since you’ve done your part for Greg Patillo, you’re exempt this time (but if you really want, you can try). But Eleanor, this is your chance to jump into the tag thing. Then, WishBoNe, Vanessa and Apples H, would you do me the favor of taking this challenge?

And for the other readers of this post, you can take the challenge too and leave it in the comments 😀



26 thoughts on “A perfect circle

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  2. I had the biggest crush on that actor BUT I was turned off during this talk show interview he did. He was so friendly and smiley, so unlike his character in Nip Tuck. I wanted him to be an asshole in real life. LoL!

    Anyways, this tag thing is quite exciting. I hope lots and lots of people join in (maybe even Greg Portillo)!

    Lastly, THAT was Britney? I thought it was Courtney Love and I kept wondering what you were talking about! :mrgreen:

  3. Liz, Dr Troy, an angel in real life? That is so disappointing. Luckily, my little Maynard has never let me down regarding bad behaviours, and that’s why I love him :mrgreen: Rock stars are good value for that lol
    And yeah, that’s Britney! Courtney Love looks nowadays like a beauty queen next to her 😀 It’s hard to believe, isn’t it?
    You’re right, I hope lots and lots people join in! Even Greg Patillo. Maybe we should ask him on his blog? Maybe we should ask Maynard to do the same? I’ll be curious to read what he would say about this tag!

    WishBoNe: you’ll take the challenge? That’s great! I’m looking forward to read that 😀

  4. Hey, do ya think he was being ironic about Brits? I think maybe so… hehe….

    Funny you should start this tag. I was thinking briefly about this very topic last night in connection with another blog I’m starting with a friend – which is still not published.

    Sorry I’ve been quiet of late, by the way…

    Hmm… who should I choose? I’m still struggling over your last tag…….

    Although to only choose one might be easier in a way… except I tend to be attracted to men that nobody has ever heard of.. heh… I can give good reason though.

    I have an idea for my latest fancy. I think you’ll get a laugh out of it.. 😀

  5. Yes, I think he was ironic with Britney. He has quite a sense of humor…
    For the other tag, take your time. But for this one, I’m really impatient to see what you will write about it. 😀
    Geez, I hope it’s not Terry Wogan ?!!!

  6. I almost forgot……

    JULIAN McMAHON?? Are you serious? Bloody ‘ell…

    He’s Australian, you know. He started in Home and Away here, which is a crappy daily soap. He is also the son of Billy McMahon, ex-Prime Minister. Billy McMahon did and does not follow my ideology…. and he had these ENORMOUS ears. How the hell did he have a son that looks like that? Was Sonia fucking the gardener?

  7. Haha, indeed, Bill McMahon has quite big ears! Maybe the gardener was handsome 😀
    I love Nip/Tuck too 😀
    Hum, on the right track? You’re making the suspense unbearable, Vanessa!

  8. April says:


    Yes, my blog disappeared but I will start a new one soon. I miss writing, and most of all I miss the friends I made and you’re definitely one of them.

    I will continue reading your blog and will let you know when my new one is up and running.

  9. April,

    I’m glad you will continue blogging. I miss you too, and I’m looking forward to see you on this blog and to see your new one.

    Take care.

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  11. As a straight guy, I can’t speak to Maynard’s hotness, but as a musician, I can definitely say he’s an incredible vocalist and a brilliant artist in general.

    I’ve been a fan of Tool and A Perfect Circle for years now. They’re two of the most interesting, unique, and worthwhile bands in existence. Maynard brings a bit of an intellectual edge to his lyrics, which is what separates him from most of the rock and heavy metal crowd.

    Yes, he’s short.

    As far as his being camera shy goes, he hates the concept of celebrity. All the members of Tool and APC are like that… from time to time, they’ll have their photos done for a magazine feature, but they stay out of the limelight and don’t party too much. The reason for their reluctance to be front and center is that they feel the music and artistic message behind the music should be everyone’s focus, and not the individual members of the band. There are actually Tool fans who have no idea what the band members look like, due largely to the fact that they perform cloaked in shadows, with massive Floydian video displays and light shows grabbing the audience’s attention. In the early days of the band, they’d frequently wear makeup and/or prosthetics, further obscuring their own image.

    Like his music, I think Maynard is a bit eccentric and flaky, but all brilliant people, especially artists, are. I don’t know if you’re a fan or not, but I completely recommend his music.

    He is straight and he is married. He and his wife have a kid or two, I believe.

    Anyway, sorry for rambling. I’m probably repeating stuff you already know, but you did say you were curious. Lates.

  12. Hi D. Peace!

    Thank you for you comment. I just mentioned in another post how I really feel about Maynard. Here, I was only joking. You’re right, he’s an incredible vocalist and a brilliant artist.
    From now on, I will shut up about him. It starts to get disrespectful for him.

  13. Oh, you shouldn’t feel like an idiot, D. Peace. I realized I’ve gone too far with this game, and that my sense of humor is sometimes hard to understand. 😀

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  16. hmmm.. that is a tough one. For a long time, I always thought Dave Matthews. His lyrics say so much, and his expression is very deep. I am a very deep thinker, and I love the art of expression (in more ways than one… ha ha).

    Plus I’ve worked with the band when I worked with MTV for various shows, and he has these eyes that pierce through you. They seem to be looking into your soul. I love that.

    But then I saw Dave on “House” (a medical drama in the United States). He played a child trapped in a man’s body -well, he had this curious disease, that I don’t recall the name of. He was overweight too – moreso than I remember. He’s always been a good “sturdy” size… But after seeing him in that light, I think I might be hard-pressed to really want to be stranded with him.

    Other than that – give me some really brilliant guy, who’s good looking – in his own way – who’s into discovering life, and learning everyday. Give me someone who lives a life without limits. Do you know any celebrities like that? Please do tell. I’ve worked with some of the hottest, coolest celebs – and many of them are scary strange, or on drugs, or so into themselves there would be no interest in me on a deserted island. It’d be all about their ability to get off that thing, and get back to their lives! ha ha…

    Like I said – interesting to talk to – intelligent (probably an avid reader, and that is why) – living a life without limits. Find me a celebrity like that who is also HOT, and I’ll book our tickets on the Titanic II right away!

  17. You’re asking a difficult question there, Mscheevious. My opinion on stars are pretty much biased since I hardly know any of them. And the few ones I met in real life don’t make me want to take them on a deserted island, except if there’s a rehab facility there, but that wouldn’t be a deserted island anymore in that case, am I wrong? Haha.
    House is also broadcasted in my country, but we have some delay in episode. I haven’t seen the one with Dave Matthews yet, but I’m impatient.

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