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Little earthquakes

Last week, I went to lunch with one of the freshly hired journalists of my newspaper (the one who is rumored to be gay). We chose to eat pittas,but not those with the sauce containing 13 different kinds of sperm – this has made the headline of my country a few years ago, yet I’m still suspicious now about pitta sauce.  In the middle of the conversation and of the lunch, my colleague started to complain about his weight. “I must lose weight, I’m getting too fat” he told me. I just looked at him very rapidly and came to the conclusion he must be out of his mind. This guy has this kind of physic:

So, I let you imagine my surprise.

However, I notice that more and more men are taking care of their appearance and watch their weight, while in the other camp, it’s not necessarily the case. There still are those fashion victims who starve themselves/ are happy with one apple and ten grapes a day/ vomit what they eat, but there are more and more women who rebel against the tyranny of the size 10 (or 2) and just let live their excess weight.

They are still a tiny minority compared to those who just follow diet after diet (often, without any results) because they feel the pressure of the society, where thin is the norm. So, in a way, this minority is telling a big fuck to the society by refusing to fit in the mould. On the internet, you will find numerous blogs where this kind of women explain their choice.

Do they have reason? That’s a tough question. I suspect some of them want just to justify the fact they have a problem with food, and avoid the guilt of this. There’s a thin line between feeling comfortable with your weight and letting yourself go. On the other hand, I prefer when women are honest with their size, and recognize they would never fit in a size 2. If H&M is so successful, it’s not only because they copy the great designers for a lesser price, but also because their clothes size large. If you’re a size 4, you will fit in a size 2 in this brand. Isn’t this awesome?

Besides, men like voluptuous women. In my newspaper, there’s a female journalist who tries to compete with Amy Winehouse. Yes, that singer who abuses of eye-liner (and other illict substances). My colleague isn’t into drugs and alcohol, mind you. But she starts to look as alarming thin as this mess.

Every (hetero) male in my office complains about her weight loss. She used to be voluptuous before.

So, should we all rebel against the pressure to be thin?