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Where’s your head at?

Ok, I admit this is a lazy post. But I thought I have to write this, given the weird search engine requests I get these days.

It’s partly my fault since I bring sometimes sex and homosexuality into the equation. But I never expected to see these kinds of requests. Here’s a sample.

  • What is echangism?  Gosh, I’m not wikipedia.
  • Echangism Bruxelles. Well, this city is reknown to be the center of Europe and the home for the European Commission. Maybe these technocrates are into it?
  • Male stripper touched. Eeewwww 
  • Using your hand tonight.  Why only tonight?
  • Real gyno. How to have sex with a gyno? The speculum is your object of phantasm?

Then, there are a lot of requests for the “rock category” and what’s behind.

  • Emo girls. Sorry for the many people who clicked on this blog for that, but I’m not an emo at all. And this blog isn’t an emo blog. So go elsewhere, and please, leave your freaky comments elsewhere too for those who are really interested. I’m not.
  • Maynard. OK, it’s entirely my fault, but I don’t think he’s gay. And I’m not his groupie, mind you. A groupie is someone who seeks physical/emotional intimacy with a famous person. I don’t and I don’t want to. This guy just brings me inspiration, that’s all.
  • Tool.  I’m not Toolshed. Redirect there.

Then, there are the random searchs which I find particularly funny.

  • I love you Sameha. WTF?
  • Vanessa’s love life? My dear, people are so curious about you 😉
  • TV presenter Nylons. Maybe Ryan Seacrest wears this?
  • What do French men like? Power and recognition? Wait, that’s Nicolas Sarkozy!
  • I’m hot, why people are not?  Aren’t you a bit pretentious? Paris Hilton, we recognized you!
  • Men approach me now because I’m pretty. Why only now? Did you have an operation for changing sex?

I’m sure I forgot some of them. What’s your weirdest search engine request?


8 thoughts on “Where’s your head at?

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  2. swissabel says:

    I haven’t checked the search engine requests lately, but there were a few interesting ones 😉

    By far, the weirdest thing I have seen is the last comment on Would you marry for love? or for convenience?. I’ve approved it for now, so you can see. I’ll mark it as spam soon. What’s ridiculous is this fellow has given a full fledged advert with an email address to boot!

  3. Hi Swissabel! It’s been so long. How are you? You’ve been missed.
    Indeed, that was a weird comment 😀 It reminds me of one comment (that was immediately deleted) of someone who wanted to promote online dating.

  4. sensual armpit torture
    sensual armpit stories kissing — I blame these two on “Rejecting Bush”

    best exercise for older woman’s dangling — WTF???

    curdled blood funeral home — the things people want to find out… (shakes head)

    It may have been born of laziness but it’s a funny post. Made me laugh. 😀

  5. oh… good God.. search engines. It really makes you wonder, doesn’t it? You’ve seen all my weirdest ones…

    .. but what does bother me is WHY are you getting hits including my name? I get them, but… er.. maybe I should tone down my comments.. hehe.

    Today I got “vanessa speculum”. Hmm…. a connection perhaps?

  6. Well you’ve got me beat. I hardly even get searched yet, as my blog is brand spankin’ new. But it’s interesting to see how the term “women gone wild” came up with my blog. THAT was fast! HA!

  7. Vanessa, I don’t have a clue why people click on this blog for your name. But that’s not an excuse to stop commenting, my dear 😀
    “Vanessa speculum” ? Maybe there’s a connection. Geez..

    Mscheevious, when your blog will have a few months of existence, you should make a post like that to tell us what weird requests you had. Because I’m sure “women gone wild” is just the beginning of a long, long list. 😀

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