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Nine millions bicycles in Beijing

The one-child policy in China has some curious developments. Because in this country, and in many other Asian countries like India and Pakistan, little girls are seen as a burden because of the dot, women become more and more a rare breed there.  But this is where it starts to get interesting.

While in Occidental countries, some women struggle to find the man of their dream (or even just a man), in those countries, the women will just have plenty of choices. Now that the first generation of the one-child policy, launched 25 years ago,  is reaching marriage age, it is estimated that 40 millions of Chinese young men will stay forever bachelor.

I wish I was a Chinese woman right now. If your fiancee don’t please you enough, you always have plenty of options to replace him, straight away. The words “compromise” and “flexibility”  would be forever deleted from your vocabulary. He complains about your propension to collect and accumulate things? Out! He’s not enough generous with you? Out!

On the other hand, for the men in those countries, this situation will turn into a real competition. You will have to be the most handsome, the wealthiest, the best lover if you want to have a fiancee. And it’s not guaranteed she would stay with you forever.  I wouldn’t want to be a young Chinese man right now…

Maybe his way out would be to find an occidental woman. When you see all these chicks who go on vacation in exotic countries like the Dominican Republic, Cameroon, Egypt,… just to find a gigolo there  (some try to establish a serious relationship with one of the allochtons who obviously is everything but in love with them), you just think: why don’t they go to India or China instead ? Chinese/Indian men are as exotic as an African to the eyes of a white Occidental, aren’t they? 


8 thoughts on “Nine millions bicycles in Beijing

  1. sunshineforlife says:

    interesting observation! Inspite of the big gap of number — many women still find themselves undecided to settle down becuase finding more money and living a good life is more important than getting maried and have a kid or raise a family. 😀

  2. Raindreamer says:

    I’ve heard that business of bought brides is growing up both in China and in certain areas of India. There rich families buy bride for their sons, because in the area there is not enough women. It does not necessary rise the respect of women – at least in India, where the bought brides are often treated badly.

    Brides of Bargain

    India’s ‘bride buying’ country

  3. Oh, you’re right, Raindreamer. I do believe it’s not easy for an Indian woman to be well treated by her husband. One of my best friends, who’s Indian, told me about this.
    And in China, this depends a lot where you’re located. In the countryside, the mentality isn’t as evolved as in the big cities like Shenzen and Beijing.
    Thanks for the links.

  4. Raindreamer says:

    Well I think it depends on where in India.

    India is like a continent with a lot of different kind of culture – some of them are actually pretty women – friendly, but in those there are not killing of girl fetuses or infants either.

  5. Yes, Raindreamer, it depends where you’re born in India. If you were raise in a poor and rural family, there’s a lot of chances you will end up being treated as a commodity, if you’re not killed at your birth or aborted.
    I realized when I wrote this post I only considered the richest parts of China and India.

  6. I had a comment but scrapped it because I realized that it was ethnocentric. Let me just say this, it’s not a secret that in most parts of these countries, women are not treated as equals. Inter-racial marriages are often not easily accepted so the chances of snagging a boy friend or husband from among the swarm of men is really low.

    Argh. I know you were probably just having a bit of fun and here I am being so serious. If only life could be that simple, eh? 🙂

  7. Liz, of course, I’m not serious at all with this post. It’s just pure speculation on a phenomenon I’m not familiar with, since all I know from these countries is what sometimes is related in the press. And it’s not accurate. When you’re a foreigner, you can’t help applying your own system of values to the country you’re visiting.
    To be precised, I’ve been inspired by a book I recently read about China. The author is an American who travelled in that country. He just mentionned that phenomenon, and joking about this.
    These countries aren’t as advanced as our countries regarding the equality between men and women. That’s why little girls are perceived as a burden/unhappiness there. I don’t think the occidental women would stand a chance to grab an Indian/ Chinese husband.

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