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Killing me softly with this song

Does the music you listen reflect your mood? Right now, I could answer yes to that question. I haven’t slept so well these days because some things are tormenting me, and as a result, I’m feeling numb. Maybe I should follow this advice to find sleep. 

Being in that state of mind makes me listen to some particular music. I must say that these songs fit particularly my mood.

I never thought I would come back to this album.

It just stood in my collection of CD for years and I haven’t touched it that much. Here’s an extract.

Then, there’s this album.


Maynard’s voice is soooo soothing *sigh*

Of these two albums, two songs find a particular echo in my mind. The first one is A stranger, the second is Blvd Nights.

Does your mood influence the music you listen to? What kind of music do you listen in function of your mood? Or do you listen to the same musical genre all the time?


2 thoughts on “Killing me softly with this song

  1. I love dissonances and irregular rhythms. Have you heard of Arnold Schoenberg (or his disciples, Alban Berg and Anton Webern)? Bela Barok (my first love)? Leonard Bernstein and Aaron Copland? Although, I love Beethoven, Mozart and Bach, I lean towards musical styles of the 20th century. At the same time, I adore The Beatles and classic rock. I celebrate Coldplay and Linkin Park. I want to be Tori Amos and wish Sting was my uncle. I think the Indigo Girls rock and Belle and Sebastian is just awesome.

    I love them all but rarely listen. I rarely listen because they affect me too much. Music used to be my solace during my dark years. Now, I only listen when I NEED to. I avoid music because I can drown in it.

    Blablabla. sorry.

  2. I want to be Tori Amos too, Liz. But not for the same reason as you 😀 She’s a close friend to my little Maynard *sigh* and she has the privilege to call him when she feels down so he can sing to her lullabies. I have to pay for this 😉
    “Now, I only listen when I NEED to. I avoid music because I can drown in it”, you take music really seriously, Liz.
    I know Bartok and Schoenberg from my mispent youth ( I used to play the piano, and gosh, I still remember tearing my hair on those scores). You made me discover Greg Patillo :mrgreen:
    And no, your comment isn’t long at all. 😀

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