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Caught out there

When you cheat on your partner, you’d better have to be careful he/she doesn’t discover anything or you will end up sooner or later in splitsville. This man has just experienced the downside of not being too careful with proofs of his infidelity.

A friend of mine used to work for the call center of a credit card company, and she related all the special requests some customers made when they got in contact with her. It goes something like this.

Case n°1

My friend :Hello! May I help you?

The customer :Hi, I have a little problem. See, I went several times this month to a gentleman’s club and I payed each time with my credit card. I wouldn’t want my wife to know this special activity, so, is it possible to make disappear those payments on my invoice? I would pay for this if you want.

Case n°2

My friend: Hello! May I help you?

The customer: Hello, I would like to know if you can help me. It’s delicate to say, but I don’t want my wife to learn the existence of my mistress. I try hard to avoid this, but recently, I bought to my lover a necklace the same day and in the same boutique where I bought a bracelet for my wife. I paid with my credit card. The problem is my wife is suspicious and that she can’t help checking my invoice behind my back. Can you make disappear this annoying line on my invoice?

Case n°3:

My friend : Hello, may I help you?

The customer: I have a -ahum- tiny little problem. You don’t want me to add another divorce to the long list of this country, don’t you? Well, I just spent the week -end in Rome with my mistress, but my wife thought I was there for a professional seminar. We went to this exquisite restaurant on this place I don’t remember the name and I spent my money to bought to my mistress flowers and jewelry. If my wife saw this on the invoice, she’s gonna ask me about the jewelry. So, can you make this disappear ? If you can, I will invite you to the restaurant of your choice.

My friend told me in this case she asked the guy if he would pay by credit card at the restaurant and if he wouldn’t mind going to the most expensive one of the town. He just vanished. For the two other cases, she just said no to the guys. And she explained they tried again with the other operators, but everyone was just scandalized by this (all the operators were women) and refused.

My friend explained these kind of requests were frequent. Obviously, her customers had never heard of those internet sites proposing to cover their hideaway with their mistress.

This leaves to an important question: if you partner cheats on you, would you want to know?


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