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This love…

… has taken a stroll on me

  “All my friends and family thought I would never marry because I’m so difficult. They got it wrong” said D., 34, a difficult woman who is about to marry in six months.  D. may be irritating for those who know her, but apparently, she has found a man able to tame her.

 Because of our education, we can be either a sweetie pie or difficult as hell. We don’ t start with the same chances in life, but for those who can live in the material ease, chances are you could have been spoiled during your childhood.

Because of this, relationships have never been so difficult. Some people can’t stand being said no, some others expect only the best, some aren’t able to make a decision. D. was the child her parents never thought they would have, because they tried everything to have a baby. She told me she could ask for everything when she was little, she would have obtained it right away. Not only her parents spoiled her, but her grand-parents, who were living just two blocks down, too. As a result, when she became able to play the game of love, she got rid immediately of all of her boyfriends who weren’t able to satisfy her. “It’ s just that relationships annoyed me. I could never stay with a guy more than two weeks in a row. I haven’t changed that much since I was a teenager. My husband is just treating me like a real princess, and that’s why I love him. He understands me” she explained.

 D. is what some call a high maintenance woman. She’s not into expensive things, though, but she has a lot of requests and expectations. There are downsides to be a high maintenance woman, however. You could bore your partner. That’s what happened to G., 32. “After three years spent together, he just left me because he had enough of all my whims. He said we only do what I wanted to do, and that I never cared about him” she said.

A high maintenance woman is the upper category in the world of difficult women.  You don’t have necessarily to belong to that category to irritate your partner. R.,31, told me she likes to have reason all the time.” I got dumped several times because of that. One of my exes called me a miss-knows-everything”she recognized. “He said I was too sulky all the time whenever I was irritated”H., 34, said. “I’m the queen of the drama, and I throw tantrum from time to time. This has cost me one past relationship” admitted B.,36.

There are many examples where some aspects of our character transform us  into a male-deflecting harpy. Have you ever got dumped because some jerk your ex had enough of you character? And for the men reading this, have you ever got rid of a difficult woman?

CRISS ANGEL update !!! Apparently, the magician claimed he didn’t bang Brits. He’s just helping her putting on her performance for the next VMAs of MTV (gosh, I can’t stop laughing at that thought). This is an unique opportunity for him to make the biggest illusionist trick of all time: making disappear (for good) Britney. If he succeeds in this, then my crush-o-meter will start to rise again for him.  


3 thoughts on “This love…

  1. random opinionated english bird says:

    Sorry to critisize but is your title supposed to be a line from the Maroon 5 song? In which case, it’s “this love has taken it’s toll on me” – sorry if it’s just a play on words (that I don’t get)

    As for men, (as you can see from the first paragraph), I am anal about everything. I get stressed and weird if I lose things, I like everything to be just so and I am pretty obsessed with a lot of things. As a result, I have only ever met one man who could cope with it for longer than 4 months – he bored me though!!

    Good luck ladies.

  2. Hi, random opinionated english bird!

    You’re right, I voluntarily changed the lyrics from the Maroon 5 song. Sorry you didn’t get it.
    Finding a man who can cope with you charachter on the long term and who won’t bore you is sometimes a matter of patience. Thanks for stopping by.

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