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Can’t buy me love

I hope this dive back into the 80s didn’t traumatize you too much. I chose this video mainly for the lyrics (the song itself hasn’t aged so well). This reminds of a girl I used to know and who had the syndrome of the poor little rich girl.

This girl used to have a love life a bit like a famous pop tartlet who sold millions and millions of crap albums  and who’s making an ass of herself right now (any resemblance with an existing person is pure coincidence). She was rich, and she had difficulty to find true love. Like the pop tartlet, she dated a lost and found who saw in her a meal ticket missus. And she got rid of him and underwent a severe depression after that (luckily, there were no children into the equation).

When you’re wealthy, it’s difficult to know if people around you aren’t interested. To avoid that, you restrict your entourage to people who are as wealthy as you are. But sometimes, love comes knocking on your door, and your prince charming doesn’t necessarily belong to that category.

The girl I mentioned had a huge problem of self-confidence. When she was dating her lost and found, she used to cover him with gifts all the time. He received an expensive watch from her, she bought him clothes and let him live in her apartment. He was just maintained by her.

She told me she feared to be left alone, and that she believed he would love her more if she was generous with him. When I met her, she was a really lonely person, who was desperate for affection. She had difficulty to make friends, because she didn’t trust anyone. “When I met him, he was lonely like I  and I felt we had a lot in common, even if we didn’t come from the same world” she used to tell.

I just learned by a friend she left him and got into depression after that, but I don’t know what she has become.

Her story makes me wonder: Can money ruin your relationship?


4 thoughts on “Can’t buy me love

  1. Yes, money CAN ruin a relationship, but only when one or both of the people involved do not see themselves separate from money or lact thereof. Sometimes, even if 2 people of opposite financial backgrounds do get along, it’s the people around them that poses a challenge. This rich-poor dynamic is not alone in causing couples to break up. Money problems, no matter what the financial background, is the number one cause of conflict between couples. I know this from experience, too.

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  3. even if 2 people of opposite financial backgrounds do get along, it’s the people around them that poses a challenge“. I know a close example of this kind of couple, Liz. People are so mean when they can’t just mind their own business.
    I don’t know if it’s because I live in Europe, but here, the number one reason for couples to break up, is infidelity, not money. I notice we have a different perception of money than in America. But I might be wrong.

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