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Aging well with time

Aaaaaawwwww, men! Have you ever noticed how some of them get better with the age? Let’s take some examples.

Mike Patton, first.

Here he is circa 1988. Note the very flattering color that is yellow.


Here he is now.

Much more better, isn’t it.

Another example? Maynard.

Circa 1993, he looked like this. He used to terrify me back then.


Now, he looks like this. (sigh)

A third example? Geooooooorge Clooney.

Look at him when he was young. I don’t know if I want to cry or laugh.

Then , take a look at him now. Isn’t he much better? (the first to say no will be banned forever for this blog, just kidding)

Unfortunately, for women, the contrary is the usual. Could you tell me the name of a famous actress who DOES age well WITHOUT the help of surgery? OK, eliminate Michelle Pfeiffer. But she doesn’t look good with time, she has always looked good. So, that doesn’t count.

In real life too, we have a different perception of wrinkles depending on the sex. On men, we find that absolutely charming, it adds charachter on their face, … On women, well, why do you think Botox is so popular these days?

It isn’t fair, isn’t it?


22 thoughts on “Aging well with time

  1. Raindreamer says:

    Not all men age well – there are those with bear-stomach. Yack! 😯

    But you are definately right about Clooney. 😳

  2. Oh, yes, there are always men who let themselves go. But for those who take care of themselves, that’s another story (hence George Clooney) :mrgreen:

  3. Raindreamer says:

    I watched Horse Whisperer and you can see Robert Redford, who is there over 60 and was still…

    Her boyfriend did not like our comments at all. 😉

  4. Oh, yes, Robert Redford is indeed well preserved.
    It’s curious how men don’t appreciate at all when we comment on male celebrities in front of them.

  5. Raindreamer says:

    And they except us to be cool when they comment female celebs in front of us. 🙄

    I have a great story about long hair, guys and a movie. 😉 Must tell you some time. Remind me, if I don’t!

  6. My friend, I don’t quite agree with what you said about women and aging. I just can’t get my thoughts straight right now. I did think of someone who aged well — Gena Rowlands, the actress. She looks her age and aged beautifully.

  7. Oh, yes, indeed, Gena Rowlands. Now you said that, I think also about Lauren Bacall, Mia Farrow and Diane Keaton. Gosh, I’m sorry, I was only thinking about the likes of Demi Moore and Nicolette Sheridan who are an exposed work of surgery.

  8. You are so right! I’ve always had a bit of a thing for Mike Patton (oooh, I had a lovely time flirting with him one night… teehee), and George, well, what can you say about our George?

    More men age better than women, it’s true, but it’s not always the case… as your readers have already pointed out… I just hope I’m doing ok! 😉

  9. Me too (Mike Patton speaking…) Lucky you!!!!
    He seems weird like I love. Obviously, someone told him about changing his outfits, because there’s such a transformation.
    I hope you’re doing OK 😉 For the little story, I have a personal benchmarck who is a woman that I truly hate, but she used to be good-looking, and now she’s turning Britney-like, if you know what I mean 😀

  10. Mark Lawton says:

    Hold on a second; not all is as it seems. Gorgeous George has cheerfully admitted that he had laser work on his eye luggage, and, judging from his picture, I’d hazard a guess that he’s also had some kind of dermabrasion, jaw augmentation, and a neck lift, and the recent strengthening of his cheek profile says that he’s probably not averse to using botox, fillers and Sculptra.

  11. gypsygirl says:

    I would say Julie Andrews! I like her a lot more now than when she appeared in ‘The Sound of Music’. What do you think modobs?

  12. gypsygirl says:

    Well I thought since we were discussing about how men look better when they age, we needed atleast one woman out there too! 😉 Though ofcourse, we cant say how much botox she has used over the years or not..but then, neither can we about the men!

  13. Raindreamer says:

    I think she has the bone-structure that ages well. Also always tought that Audrey H. stayed quite lovely…

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