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Underneath your clothes

When you dress yourself, you should consider checking every detail of your outfits, including your underwear.  Some people don’t think enough about it, but it is really important because it’s the last barrier that separates you from your nudity. And it’s also the last piece of clothes your partner sees before you go completely naked.

Whether you like it or not, underwear is always associated with something like morality, sensuousness, cleanliness, sexuality, hygiene or social status. Like the rest of our clothes. But some people think it’s OK to take care of the exterior package and neglect the underwear. And that’s where they’re wrong.

When we got into the bedroom, we started to take all our clothes off. He stripped down to his undies, and my desire just disappeared straight away. He was wearing a totally worn out brief, even though on the outside, he was really well dressed. This just turned me off. I pretended I had to go the bathroom, took my clothes and just ran away” L., 34, told me. “I didn’t know why, but I imagined him as a Homer Simpson, laying like a potato couch in his dirty underwear in front of the TV” she added.

The choice of underwear is also important. “I hate briefs, I have the impression I date an old man and therefore, it makes me feel old” K., 32, said. “I will run away if the guy wears a thong. Geez, it’s horrible and ridiculous” I. 34, explains. “I can’t stand shorts. You can see through his trouser that everything is hanging freely, and I can’t stand that view” H., 33, said.

But then, it’s a question of personal taste.

Besides, you can change your underwear. “When I met my husband, he was wearing those ridiculous shorts with comics charachters on it. These were really childish. I told him I didn’t like those at all  and he agreed to go with me and  buy new boxers for him. He threw away his old boxers, to my great satisfaction” O., 35, said.

So, do you make attention to men’s underwear (panties, that is), and what should he not wear? For the men, do you make attention to women’s undies. And what should she not wear? 


3 thoughts on “Underneath your clothes

  1. lovetips4all says:


    You amaze me yet again as to the topics you could talk about, hahaha! Well, in the heat of the passion, I don’t think I paid too much attention to his underwear, but I do agree if he wears those red, silly comics shorts, I would not like it. As for thongs for guys, geez I would run away as well 🙂

  2. Thank you, Eleanor! Thongs for guys are really a horrible thing, I think. I put that in the same basket than chippendales, that I find everything but sexy. We would be two to run away, then 😀

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