This is blog day!

Blog Day 2007

Today is blog day. What’s that? Well, it’s the occasion to present five blogs that you find interesting. And especially some new ones you discover recently.

So, here’s my list:

1. mister peace. I found this blog through another one very recently, and I can’t stop giggling at all his stories. A brief description? His random thoughts about everything. I won’t see my hairdresser the same way next time I will pay a visit to her.

2. Liz. An incredibly generous blogger, because you don’t get one, but two blogs with her. Thanks to her, I’m thinking twice now before shaving my armpits. And I discover Greg Patillo.

3. Lola Lyndon. I’m a total addict for beautiful and artistic pictures. I bow down to this artist.

4. Eleanor. I just love how she manages to write her posts about love and everything around it, with a lot of researches.

5. The rut. Little cartoons very funny.

So, spread around 😀


9 thoughts on “This is blog day!

  1. Hey, happy blog day. 🙂

    How very cool of you to give me a shout-out. 🙂 Thank you.

    I really appreciate your support and I’m glad you like my blog. Come back any time. I love your blog as well… I’ll add you to my blogroll and check back.

    Thanks again for the kind words.

  2. Modobs! I have pried myself away from wordpress because of work. Going back to blogging is actually one of my rewards after I finish my piles papers. But I cheated a bit to see what’s happening while I had been toiling and I just saw this. THANK YOU! I am honored that you named me one of your interesting blogs to visit. I didn’t know there was a blog day. I’m sorry I missed it. The truth is, had I known about it (and wasn’t out because of work) I would have chosen YOU as one of my five. I’m always here commenting because I really enjoy reading your thoughts, and we always have a nice comment-box conversation going, don’t we? 😀 So, thank you, dear modobs. I really appreciate it.

    Now, back to work. See you soon. Sigh…

  3. D. Peace,

    Happy Blog Day (late) too 😀
    You’re more than welcome 🙂 Thank you for adding me to your blogroll. I already did it with yours…

    I didn’t know either it was blog day until a fellow blogger told me. I’m really flattered you would have chosen me as one of your five. I can say exactly the same about your blog: I really enjoy the comment-box conversation we have. You’re more than welcome too 😀
    And courage for finishing your piles papers!

  4. lovetips4all says:


    I think you found me first, and ever since I have been having so much giggles reading your posts, commenting and you have been so generous with your time and help in us new bloggers 🙂 I am addicted to your blog and always find time to check yours and Liz posts. Now you introduced to some more new interesting blogs here. I am deeply honored that you like my blog. I have been quite sluggish in blogging lately. Like Liz, little time away from regular work, although reading some of your recent posts have inspired me to write. Agh… I just need to put everything aside to get on to it.

    Happy related Blog Day, and I am so happy that we have met through this blog land! ;D

  5. Eleanor, you’re more than welcome for this. Happy Blog Day too! I’m happy too we’ve met through the blog land. I’m also addicted to your blog, but I can understand Liz and you don’t have always the time to write posts. I’m looking forward to your next post, especially since you were tagged again 😈

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