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The secret of a successful marriage

This news is quite astonishing. If you believe it, sharing household chores is the key to a successful marriage. I noticed however that men and women have a different idea of what is sharing household chores. Generally, when you ask a couple separately who is doing what in the house, you ‘ll get opposite answers. Mister will say he is really helpful, while Madam will say she’s doing most of the job.

The truth is men have a different conception of what are household chores. “For him, I just cook for the two of us by pure pleasure, and he believes I like ironing his shirts, so he doesn’t count all this in the household chores” explains G., 32. “Household chores boil down to one thing for him: cleaning the garbage” F., 35, said. “He believes that I truly enjoy going shopping. But for me, there’s a huge difference between shopping for clothes/shoes/bags and shopping for filling the fridge”L. 40, said.

Of course, all men don’t think that way. But curiously, those are the one who handle most of the household chores at home, because either Madam is busy working or she’s too lazy.

So, how do you deal with household chores in your couple? And if you’re single, is it an important criteria to pick your partner?


6 thoughts on “The secret of a successful marriage

  1. I didn’t realized that. At home, my guy shares the cooking and cleaning. I don’t think there’s one chore that is specifically mine. Maybe you are right, because we’re happy.

  2. Hi, glamouredited!
    Household chores are the number 1 subject of fight for couples. You have found a pearl with your partner!
    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Raindreamer says:

    I belong in that “Madame is lazy” categoria – so if one wants to keep house at least deasently clean, man has to participate. So yes it is criteria for man…

    And I don’t mind cooking, but I don’t also want a man who cannot cook so I would be bind by the stove.

  4. I still believe, however, that men who share the household chores are a rare breed. Luckily, there’s the cleaning lady (but I’m against it, I don’t like when stranger break my intimacy).

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