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Me, myself and I

One thing really strikes me when I look at the differences between single and hooked people: their level of personal development.  The single ones have plenty of time to go out, see their (single) friends, go to the cinema, to museums, read a lot of books, learn other languages,… While the people involved in a couple, if they’re not selfish, share most activities together. This means you have to deal sometimes with two opposite views: one wants to stay at home while the other wants to go out and see their friends for example (a classic).

When you’re single, nobody’s telling you what you should(not) do. If you take time to do some activities, nobody will complain you’re not spending time enough with him/her.  You don’t have to clean your home if you don’t want to, and save that time to do something else.

That’s how I realised my single friends are much more cultivated now than those who are in couple. When we talk about books we read or films/shows we saw, we aren’t at the same level.

Of course, there are exceptions. “My husband is often away because of his job, and I have plenty of time for me. We don’t have kids, so I don’t have to take care of them” explains V., 34.  A friend of mine keeps herself cultivated despite having two kids and a demanding husband. “But I admit it is hard” she said.

I don’t envy my single friends. They have the pressure of finding their soul mate (if they listen to their entourage), and it can be sad to be alone all the time, and don’t have body warm. I just envy their liberty, sometimes. Besides, I wouldn’t want to leave the light of my life (remember that I’m the Perfect Drug 😉  )

Do you enjoy being single, and why? If you’re not, do you enjoy being in a couple?



10 thoughts on “Me, myself and I

  1. Raindreamer says:

    Well you have not obiously met my mother – or my sister, if you think that while one is single nobody is telling you what (not) to do. But of course they don’t need to know – so the situation is slightly different.

    And I would not put too much envy on that liberty thing as for long run it gets boring…

  2. Whatigotsofar: I’m glad you enjoy your singlehood 🙂

    Raindreamer: You’re right, I didn’t mention the parents. But when you don’t live with them anymore, they can tell you what you do, you won’t obey anymore 😀

  3. amiweird says:

    I feel like I represent the person that is in a couple but the partner works away a lot.
    I get the best of both worlds.
    When I am in “single” mode and he’s away, I can study harder at uni – no distractions – go out with my girlfriends when i want, and not when I don’t feel like it.
    I can choose who I am surrounded with, and how I divide my time.
    When I am with him, I enjoy the body warmth, the conversations, companionship, comfortable silences, the sharing of experiences. That special bond I don’t have with anyone else.
    If I had to choose though, coupledom would always win out – provided it was a healthy union.

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