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Metaphor for a missing moment

Life has sometimes funny ways on sneaking up on you. A friend of mine once explained to me her biggest problem with men was that she wasn’t able to make up her mind whether she likes him or not.  As a result, the guy has already moved forward to another woman when she finally realized she felt something for him. “I met this guy in a friends’ party and we were the last to leave the building. We chatted a bit and he insisted to get my phone numbers, but I refused.  Three days later, I realized how handsome he was and that I might have passed the man of my life because I was such a bitch with him. So I called my friends who organized the party and asked them his number. Unfortunately, they didn’t have it. So I decided to do a research by leaving him a message on a largely aired radio program. But he never called me back. Six months after our first meeting, I bumped into him in the street, but he was accompanied with another woman who was obviously not a friend nor his sister. I felt so disappointed and mad at myself” she said.

Another friend of mine also explained this phenomenon.”I only fall in love with a man when I’m losing him. There was this guy who was in love with me, but that I wasn’t interested until he decided to move to another country. I just tried to make him stay, but he left anyway” she said.

Is it because we feel we’re losing someone that this someone suddenly becomes attractive?


5 thoughts on “Metaphor for a missing moment

  1. whatigotsofar says:

    Three days later, I realized how handsome he was… How is it that it takes a woman 3 days to realize whether or not a guy is handsome. When a man sees a woman, hot or not and done. Three days??? Takes a guy three seconds, tops.

  2. I cannot explain that, Whatigotsofar. All I know is we can look at men but never really look at them thoroughly. It can be a simple detail that change our opinion, three days after and even more. Men are much less complicated when it comes to categorize a woman, I know.

  3. lovetips4all says:

    I second Modobs. A man is attractive not only based on his looks, physical attributes, etc. His manners, sense of humor, the way he talks, he listens, the things he talks about, etc also make up the composition of him. For me, a man might get more attractive as I get to know more about him.

    Kevin Hogan says as humans, if we were to choose either one of the two equally attractive choices, we will regret no matter which one we decided. We will always find the one we didn’t pick more attractive afterwards and that buyers remorse would always kick in.

  4. Raindreamer says:

    My problem is that I am truly able to relax around man, when I’ve know I’ve lost him. This often results that man gets interested in me again and then I become a kind of second intrest (as he is already seeing some one else). Not a great situation you can believe.

  5. Raindreamer, I know that situation, and it’s not great, you’re right.

    Eleanor, you’re right. A man can be handsome to the most of us, but I really don’t care about him unless he has something special, like intelligence, kindness, humor and mental strength.

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