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All I want is you

Tomorrow is my birthday. I was asked several times what I wanted for this special day, and curiously, nothing came in my mind until I had a conversation with one of my friends. She told me she wants to meet Alessandro Gassman.

This is silly, but when you know that Stephen Scharzman, the CEO of Blackstone, paid 1 million dollars to get Rod Stewart (and Patti Labelle) singing at his 60th birthday party, this doesn’t sound so crazy.

So, I know the light of my life will get mad if he reads this, but I would like for my birthday present him.

Not in a police officer uniform, but just singing for me :mrgreen:

 What would you like for your birthday present?


14 thoughts on “All I want is you

  1. whatigotsofar says:

    Happy Birthday.

    You can have your guy, I don’t quite find guys present-worthy. For me, sexy dames and plenty of them. Hear that. 3 weeks away people. Get cracking.

  2. lovetips4all says:

    Happiest Birtday, girl, and many, many more.

    I can tell you personally having your man, or a man you are attracted to, sing to you, is the most romantic and touching thing he could have ever done to me. Request songs like, “And I love you so”, “As Time Goes By” or some love songs in French.

    Humm, what would I like as present? Spend the whole day with the man in my life, getaway, bed and breakfast inn by the sea or coastside, or cuddling somewhere gazing up to the stars, a romantic dinner, followed up a night of making love, have him fulfill one of my fantasies, or him dressing up as superman, hehe, hummm…. some wonderful experiences to savour in later years!

  3. Thanks a lot, Eleanor!
    Yes, it’s really touching to have your man sing for you. However, the light of my life is a terrible singer, and I really don’t see him singing MJ Keenan/A Perfect Circle/ Tool songs 😉
    Dressed as a superman? Naughty you!

  4. lovetips4all says:


    It’s not about how terribly he sings, it’s all in the efforts.

    If my man sings “As Time Goes By” to me, I would probably cry!

  5. Whatigotsofar, de nada!

    Eleanor, it’s really a beautiful song. And you’re right, it’s the efforts that count 🙂 But I still would prefer Maynard singing his songs than my man.

  6. lovetips4all says:

    OOps I didn’t read too well, You wanted Maynard instead of him, oh well, in that case, that’s OK because that is for your special day! I don’t think he would be really mad.

  7. I won’t be so sure about that, Eleanor 😉 He’s going to tell me that MJK is a douche, a midget, and really ugly… I already know how he’s gonna react 🙂

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