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Don’t I hold you…

… Like you want to be held

There’s a stupid postulate saying that men reach their sexual peak at 18 while women reach it at their thirties. I don’t know if the first part of this sentence is true, since all the testimonies I got from those who did it at that age don’t go that way. But for the second part of this, there must be a part of truth.

At that age, most of women are fully aware of their sexual potential. I don’ t say that you couldn’t be that aware earlier. I still remember when I was in high school how some girls already showed their sexual confidence to the rest of us. It depends on your experience. But at 18 and under, we are still heavily influenced by our education. if women come from a very conservative background, chances are they wouldn’t be so adventurous in bed or demanding. At that age, I remember the conversations I had with my friends on this hot topic. We talked with horror about things like oral or anal sex, threesome, sex gadgets,… Now, this has changed a bit. There are some things that are still taboo, but some others aren’t anymore.

Of course, I always suspect some women to be just pretentious about their sex life, while other ones prefer to keep it mum. But apparently, there’s a hormone developing in our brain in our thirties that make us more demanding and more experimenting. That period also coincides with our biological clock running, this would explain that.

I also believe in the influence of our sexual partners. If we’ve had boring partners so far, sexual intercourses can be seen as boring. On the other hand, if you had a good lover once (or more) in your life, that’s another story. Our experience gives us the confidence and ability to let it go in bed (or not). And at 30 and over, you should count more lovers or just more practical experiences than when you were 18.

But this doesn’t mean we could accept anything from our partner, in particular if he insists too much to do certain things we don’t want.

Does this mean if you are a terrible lover (or your lover just thinks so), things will improve with the age? Personally, I hope so.




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