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This is not a love song

As a (still) young woman, I’m not often taken seriously in my work. I see people look at me as if I was just pretty, but stupid. Luckily for me, I’ve always managed to prove them wrong. But recently, I heard the journalist rumored to be gay talking shit behind my back. It hurts, I must admit. I feel like a complete fool with him, because I tried to help him overcome a rough professional period in his career (he’s in a open-conflict with his boss). And this is how he just thanked me. I just decided to stop talking to him anymore, he doesn’t deserve this anyway. Loser.

It is really tiring to demonstrate I’m not just a pretty face around me, especially since I work in the macho financial world. But I’ve got the feeling I would always be judged by my appearance only, no matter how competent I am. Lately, this has really turned me down, and I have a problem finding motivation again. The incident with the presumed gay journalist isn’t helping my mood. I know I don’t talk a lot and keep the mystery around me, but he’s judging me on personal criteria, or stereotypes. He must be thinking I listen to crap pop music and read only gossip magazines (because I make a lot of bad jokes about Britney Spears). Lately, he was speaking with another journalist about Luciano Pavarotti’s death, and just shut up all of a sudden when I joined their conversation. He looked at me like if I didn’t know who Pavarotti was. How could I know, if I listen only to crap pop music (Opera isn’t my cup of tea either, but I studied music history when I was younger). When I first talked to him, he was just mentioning tons and tons of stereotypes about the Jews, women (who can’t drive and read a map), Swedish women (who are easy women), but I tried to believe one of my other colleagues that I really like who defended him. I should have stayed far away from him.

So D., if you ever read this, FUCK YOU (in the ass), douche.

And since I’m the queen of the fools, I should deserve a crown. Here it is.



13 thoughts on “This is not a love song

  1. Raindreamer says:

    I’ve understand why you are ranty. Would feel myself like that too – have felt myself like that. IDIOT! (Sorry about screaming).

    People stereotype you because you are young and pretty and woman. I’ve been feeling low right now – not because I’d been treated as stupid, but because I feel that some older women I have run in to feel jealous just because I am young and have degree. I’ve felt like: when does this end, when I am already over 30… 😦

    But I’ve previously met similar idiots too. I’ve made fun of myself and they have tought I’m serious. There are always different kind of braind dwarfs and it takes too much energy to try to change them. Just ignore them! 😦

    Feeling strongly for you! 😦

  2. Thanks, Raindreamer 🙂 Unfortunately, jealousy is something we have to deal all the time. You cannot imagine how far this can go. People are jealous because you’re young and they’re not, you’re rich and they’re not, you’re intelligent and they’re not, you have adorable children/nice partner and they haven’t… The list is never ending 😥

  3. whatigotsofar says:

    What I’ve noticed in the employed world is that pretty women are thought of as just pretty women and not smart women meanwhile ugly women are less likely to get the job in the first place because us men, when we hire women, we think with our dicks. But when dealing with women, ugly women are considered to be quite competent at the job because how else would they be in the position they’re in if not for competency.

  4. You may be right,Whatigotsofar. When I look at the women who made it to the top management in our country, all I have in mind is how they are physically not gifted.

  5. You go girl! Just remember though – the way to show you are more than just a pretty face is to exude that… BE that. Of course we all know here in the blog-o-sphere that you are brilliant, but you must BELIEVE it and REQUIRE that sort of treatment and respect from all you surround yourself with. You ARE a QUEEN – though not of fools – of your domain… and once a woman begins to exude that sort of persona, it comes back to them exponentially from others. It sounds like you are on the right track with that co-worker. The idea that he is not “worthy” is a very QUEENLY thing to think. Again, I say “you go girl!” xoxo

  6. frauke says:

    dsl d entendre ca… mais n y penses surtout pas trop, ce n est pas de te faute ! comme disait mscheevious, faut avoir l air confidente – si au contraire tu as l air ‘fautive’, alors on te prendra pour telle… ne te soucie surtout pas trop, oublie ce collegue, qu il se debrouille tout seul ! tu fais du bon boulot, leve la tete et montre que tu le sais 😉
    bises, et courage !

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  8. a man and his insecurities are a funny thing.

    if he lashed out behind your back AFTER you had helped him through professional difficulties, he probably did so to redeem some of his self-esteem that he perceived he lost by getting aid and assistance from another person. as prejudiced as he sounds, i guess you being an attractive woman did not help the matter.

    the terrible truth is that many people have to knock others down for them to feel taller and better about themselves.

    sorry you had to endure such heartache from someone who sounds very much like a jerk.

  9. I don’t know what’s his problem, drunk american, but like you said, I’m sure he tries to redeem his lost self-esteem.
    And thank you 🙂

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