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The hourglass syndrome

A spiritual topic for a change 😉

Recently,  a friend of mine complained about her boobs. She said her big tits only attract the same category of men and that the ones she really likes just think she’s dumb because it is well known, big lungs ladies have nothing in the brain (cough, cough). “It’s always the same men that dare to approach me: idiots obsessed with big boobs. The other men just think I’m shallow or are just too intimidated by me, or must I say, my boobs”she said. “This even brings me some problems at work, because I can hear the numerous jokes men are making behind my back” she added.

Women are never satisfied with their boobs. When these are small, they want bigger ones, and when those are big, they want smaller ones. Many use plastic surgery to reduce or increase their size cups. And the others, well, they try to live with what they got. Some are even proud of what they got. “I love my big boobs, I always feel proud when I see myself in the mirror when I try a dress in the fitting room. On many occasion, I picked the same dress than the anorexic girl who barely fill her size zero, and I love to see how the dress turns on me, while it seems too large for the other girl. It’s better when you can fill your cleavage”A., 40, said. “Women envy my small breasts because they say it gives a halo of mystery with men. They must have reason. I’ve always attracted the most sensible, intelligent and educated men. They told me they were attracted to my mystery, although I have the sense I have as much mystery  as an oyster” admitted J., 30.

By chances, men’s preferences on this matter vary a lot from one another. Some like small breasts, while other like big ones. But as my friend says, “the size of their brain is inversely proportional to the size of our breasts” (but she’s bitter about this).

And besides, this kind of appreciation depends a lot on our culture. In French, there’s a proverb that says the perfect woman’s breasts should fit into a glass of champagne (not the flute, mind you). In other cultures, it’s a different story.

So, what do you prefer? A woman like Catherine Zeta-Jones, Sophie Marceau or Keira Knightley?



9 thoughts on “The hourglass syndrome

  1. whatigotsofar says:

    Big, small, who cares? Just as long as they’re both the same size and not pointing in weird directions, they’re all right by me.

  2. Hi drunk american!
    There are women who are comfortable with what they got. Usually, it takes time to accept this. You’re not asking too much 🙂

  3. The Hobo Architect says:

    I like em big and small. More importantly is that a woman is confident and comfortable in her own skin.

  4. Mark says:

    In my experience, when women complain about the men they attract, the problem isn’t with their look, but their behavior. I’m an intelligent man, I’ve always loved very large breasts on women, and I’ve never been too intimidated to approach a buxom lady I liked. I have, however, rejected, avoided, or otherwise lost interest in a number of attractive bombshells on the basis of their obnoxious or psychotic personalities. Much though I love a voluptuous body, I’m even more attracted to brilliance, creativity, and an even temper.

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