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Special needs

D., my beloved colleague, told me once about his encounter with one of our country’s ministers, who’s famous on the internet for his alcoholic behavior. Apparently, this guy is not only a notorious alcoholic but also a ladykiller. He just tries to seduce every single female journalist that comes to interview him, and as D. said, he pretends to be the king of the oral sex.

So, in D.’s sick mind, this politician attracts women like honey to a bear because “women love alcoholics“. Idiot. Obviously, this douche doesn’t understand a single thing about women’s psychology.

This is why he got it wrong:

Alcoholics attract other alcoholics. That’s a universal principle. Of course, there are exceptions. But as a non alcoholic woman, I would never pick an alcoholic guy if I had to choose. This is a total turn off for me, like drugs or stupidity. Two of my colleagues had fallen in love with men who had a big problem with alcohol, but at the start of their relationships, this aspect wasn’t obvious at all. The first one developed this problem years after the relationship began. He got fired from his job and started to drink to drown his sorrow. The second one was known to drink a lot, but this evolved into a problem years after the relationship started too. My two colleagues left them when things got worse with their alcoholic husband.

G., 32, dated an alcoholic because she thought “she could save him”. But according to her friends, G. is convinced she has a mission of saving her partners, because when you look at her past conquests, the list involves an ex-convict, a junkie, an alcoholic and an illegal immigrant.

So, here’s the 5 cents question of the day, are you attracted to alcoholics? Or does it turn you off?



10 thoughts on “Special needs

  1. Raindreamer says:

    I’ve been atracted to guy, who over-used alchohol. Alcholism runs in the family and I found myself contemblating the idea of “saving” him, but came to my senses. Nobody can really save alcholist, but himself.

    Also was in the beginning atracted to a guy that I found used pot – that was turn off indeed.

  2. despite my moniker, i rarely drink to excess and realize the immense problem alcoholism contributes to society.

    as for being attracted to alcoholics, that would be a turn-off. on the other hand, i do like women who like to drink socially. moderation in all things would be a good rule of thumb to live by…

  3. There’s a huge difference between a social sipper and a true alcoholic, drunk american. Yes, alcoholism is one of the biggest problems in our society. It’s really sad when it touches someone of our family or the one we love.

  4. alcoholism is a serious problem. but what makes it all the more insidious is that it is usually a symptom of another serious issue, such as abuse, stress, trauma, depression, etc., that the person is having a difficult time coping with.

    and you are so very right in how utterly tragic it is when it affects someone we care about.

  5. Alcoholism is an answer to problems like self-loathing, trauma, depression,etc until it becomes a problem itself. Nobody jumps into the arms of alcoholism by pure pleasure (unless really really stupid). It always comes as a consequence of something, Drunk american. Yes, it’s really insidious.

  6. you wrote that “alcoholism is one of the biggest problems in our society” and that “it always comes as a consequence of something.”

    so in order for society to prevail against alcoholism, society has to examine the underlying root problem that causes a person to become so terribly dependent on alcohol or other drugs.

    do you think society as a whole will ever have the courage to examine itself more closely to do that?

    unfortunately, as much as i would like to think otherwise, i think society is much too superficial to care about that. i know/knew several “functional alcoholics” whose dependence on alcohol is simply overlooked or ignored by others because they appear to be doing fine.

    and, in our society, appearance seems to be everything…

    and thank you for putting me on your blogroll. that was very thoughtful of you. i put yours on my blogroll when i first discovered this delightful place, but i was too inconsiderate to ask your permission or mention it to you…

    that tori amos song has sort of inspired me because i was seriously thinking about remaining my link to your blog as: “Found a Girl with Really Deep Thoughts”

    enjoy your weekend…

  7. Hum, as Raindreamer said, only an alcoholic can save himself. We are the only master of our destiny. The underlying root of this problem doesn’t belong to our society. It can influence us, but in the end, it’s always us that have the last word.
    Functional alcoholics are one part of the process of being an alcoholic. It is an addiction, and as an addiction, it will slowly take you downward the spiral. I’ve seen many functional alcoholics progressively messing their lives and everyone was conscient about their problem in the end. People around them were concerned, they tried to help them, but it’s hard to help someone when he doesn’t want your help.

    You’re welcome! And thank you for putting me in your blogroll 🙂
    Have a nice week-end.

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