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War of the pigs

I have promised myself not to talk to D. anymore, but since my colleagues get along with him, I have to endure the torture of having lunch with him and listening to his Manichean vision of life. Gosh, I hate narrow-minded people, and unfortunately for me, this moron belongs to this category. Usually, I just keep it mum when he’s near me, otherwise I would get into a heated argument with him. But what he said recently  is just revolting me, and I just put him in his place. Douche.

We were talking about the love life of my chief editor with the group, and at one moment of the conversation, D. started to criticize openly my boss, saying that she must be a man eater. For the record, my chief editor has divorced a long time ago because she simply had enough of her husband’s addictions and has never found a new man since then.  She’s too busy working: she arrives at 8 am and leaves generally at 10 pm everyday. The rest of her time, she spent it with her two children. We don’t know any man to her. So, I really don’t see how come she could be a man eater.

In D.’s sick mind, all women are idiots or sluts, or both, I suspect. He just thinks I’m an idiot (and if he thinks I’m a slut too, he can eat my fucking stilettos). I bet he says this because he’s been rejected many times by women (if he’s into women, I’m not sure about this). He’s 29, and still single. He told me he’s never had a serious relationship so far, too busy concentrating on his studies and after, traveling the world. As a result, he’s a very cultivated young man, physically not too repellent (two female journalists have a secret crush on him, I know), but I’m not buying it.  He has an opinion on everything, can talk about a lot of subjects, but there’s one topic that is his weak point: women. What he says about them in general is just appalling.

I’ve met a lot of misogynistic men in my career so far but never that young. But I have always wondered how they can think women are stupid. Is it because of their education, where their mum stayed at home, just shut up and looked after the kid? Their unfortunate experiences with women since they were teenagers?  Pure jealousy/fear?  I can’t tell.

Frankly, I just hope D. finds true love for good with a hardcore feminist, and changes his mind about women. But I know this never gonna happen.


8 thoughts on “War of the pigs

  1. whatigotsofar says:

    I’m D. Only younger and less traveled. The mother thing is dead wrong though. My mother (and maybe D’s too) is the complete opposite of virtually every woman I’ve ever met. It is very easy for me to have a low opinion of women when I’ve been given such a wonderful example of what women should be.
    And FYI, my mother works and is very successful when you consider her modest beginnings.

    If D finds a woman, he will be whipped almost immediately. He’ll be a little puppy dog in her arms. He will not wear the pants in the relationship.

  2. Oh, I didn’t realise this, WIGSF. It’s true when you were used to one wonderful woman, you become elitist with the others. Maybe I should ask about D.’s mom, but since I try not to talk to him anymore, that would be difficult.
    If D. finds a woman, it will be a miracle. I know he’s extremely difficult on this matter. He’s looking for a rare pearl. I can’t blame him for that.

  3. Raindreamer says:

    It might be that. I know some men, who have been forever under the spell of their mothers. Not because they mother is so wonderful, but because she is powerful mind. Then they cannot respect others, but they may still marry them and be annoyed. Argh.

    Your boss don’t seem stupid or ninny, so … Maybe she don’t pay intrest on him as much as he liked. 😉 (Just joke)

  4. It might be that. Gosh, now my curiosity starts to take over my hate for the guy. I need to know 😥
    My boss is cruel, but she’s certainly not an idiot nor a slut. But she’s double D.’s age, she could be his mother. Maybe that’s attracting him, who knows? 😉

  5. Raindreamer says:

    Don’t get too curious – remember it killed the cat. From some people it is better to stay away.

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