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What’s the wrongest thing you did to get the attention/ love of someone? Again, this question popped into my mind as I watched one of my female colleagues trying to desperately catch D.’s attention. I’m just amazed how this guy can have such a magnetic power with people in general. I’ve been fooled by him, and I see the others falling into the exact same trap that I. But what’s curious is although D. and I don’t like each other, the female journalist n°1 who has a crush on him constantly looks at me as if she was jealous of the bond (WTF?) I have (????) with D. Geez, women!

In fact, I just learned that one of my colleagues tried to get them together, but apparently, D.’s not interested at all. For two weeks, he’s been carefully avoiding her (or maybe I’m totally wrong and they’re in fact together but they’ve been hiding from us) while I noticed a clear change in the way his love uninterest dresses. It’s been two weeks now she has switched completely her pants for skirts, has worn makeup (before, she didn’t) and abused a little bit too much of perfume (a strange habit also noticed with D. , but for a longer time). She keeps on asking me details about D., as if I know him. It’s not because we go and lunch together (with a group of at least 4 people) that I know everything about him. Remember that I try not to talk to him. I feel pity for her.

What did she do (or not) that doesn’t please D.? According to my other colleagues, she’s insipid and wedged. But I have another theory. She’s 32, single, and a little bit desperate about her condition. When she entered our newsroom, I still remember the first conversations I had with her about the bachelors and spinsters of our office. Then came D. I guess she just showed him too much her will to get into a relationship, and I can truly understand D. on this, I would flip out with a person like that.

This is a clear example of what you shouldn’t do to get a guy. But I have other examples.
“I just chased him during weeks to get him. But I had the feeling he was just with me because he had pity. I called him all the time, tried to meet him everywhere I go, I made no mystery about the feelings I had for him. Finally, he just dumped me” L., 34, explained.
“I was convinced he really liked me, but was too shy to approach me. So I took the initiative to ask him out but he just rejected me and looked at me as if I was nuts” K., 31, said.
“I did the classic thing of sending flowers, chocolate to myself, and using your gay friend as your pretended lover. I ruined myself just to get nothing back from him. He chose a woman who didn’t try all this with him” U., 31, said.
There are obvious signs he’s into you or not. If he constantly tries to catch your attention, then you’re on the right way. If he blushes when you’re near him, also. If he just loses control when you’re near him, also.

And what about women’s attraction for a man? Well, there are obvious signs too.

I must admit it is hard to get rejected, and it’s better to reject someone than being rejected. But let’s face it, you can never please everyone.

N.B.: Do you remember this video?


10 thoughts on “Malpractice

  1. It’s funny the things we do for love, isn’t it, drunk american? I know a man who started smoking because the one he was in love with smoked, and it was a way to approach her each time she went out of the office for smoking.

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  4. it is very funny, modobs…

    like our conversation earlier about how boring the world would be if it made perfect sense, but love always seems to add confusion and insanity to everything…

    love for other people…
    love for money and power…
    love for fame and fortune…

    love might make us crazy…
    but love is what makes us human…

  5. with all of your great posts…
    with all of your great observations…
    with all of what everyone tells you in secret…

    i hope you are planning to turn your blog into a book.

  6. Oh, thank you, drunk american! Every journalist starts to write a book sooner or later in his career, but if I do this, this will be a big shock to everyone knowing me, and also totally out of my usual financial topics 😉

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