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You’re on the other side of the world to me

Who’s never been rejected by the one you’re in love with? If you haven’t, then either you’re really really lucky or just a liar. If we could always get what we want, that would be too easy. I’ve watched for years now my cousin trying to get his long-time kindergarten love, who just basically makes him hope he’ll someday reach his goal. That’s just pure cruelty. On the other hand, my cousin should move on and understand for good he would never have her. But it’s not easy.

Some people can’t stand being fooled like that and choose only people that are interested in them. But for some reasons, some people fall in love with someone that doesn’t love them back. “Everyone is just astonished when I say I’m not lucky in love. I’m not attracted to the ones that are attracted to me, I only fall for guys who couldn’t care less about me”I., 34, explains.

Love isn’t fair. When you fall in love, you can’t control your feelings and you’re vulnerable. If the one you love loves you back, it’s marvelous. Unfortunately, it might not be the case all the time. And that’s how you end up with a broken heart. ” I just fell for a guy I thought at first was a total jerk. It just happens, I felt hit by his charms, but he didn’t like me. I felt devastated after that” Y., 30, said.

Some people do accept easily being rejected, while for other, it’s such a big deal. If you’ve been spoiled and always got what you wanted, when a situation like that happens to you, you  just go bezerk. And you can end up in a situation where you can  harass the object of your attention. “I knew she was in love with me, but the feeling wasn’t mutual. She decided that I would end up loving her, and made everything possible to get to that goal. She spied on me, discouraged every woman that tried to flirt with me, called me all the time on my cellphone, followed me everywhere. It just creeped me out, so I decide to move to another town where she couldn’t reach me” R., 35, said.

For some people, getting the love of someone is like a challenge. “It’s like a game of seduction. I always try to seduce the men that aren’t interested in me. And if I succeed, it just gives me confidence to go for a bigger challenge”J., 34, told me. This is just pure narcissism, not  love anymore. It’s also the basis for homewrecking. Generally, the people who resist you the most are the one who are taken. It’s the biggest challenge for some women.  This also smells  like the oedipus complex.

So, how do you react when you get rejected?


7 thoughts on “You’re on the other side of the world to me

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  2. Modobs, You are making me simply mad with your articles, its simply fantastic. Well It’s really hard to accept rejection when you truely love someone. But what I believe it’s just matter of time….WHen people get rejected they become so upset and that’s why first its hard for them to accept that but if you have true friends beside you who will inspire you to start from a new begining then things become much easier…..

    What I believe, if anyone reject you then you should accept and stay away from them. Because its good to love someone who cares for you, if he/she not care you and can reject then you should also stay away and start a new bright days which at first not easy but gradually it become easy if you try to remain yourself busy with other stuffs in your life….But yep its really very frustrating if anyone reject you after spending time passing with your emotion…..that is really very sad…..

    but life go on and we also move on and on……You know what the most important thing in this world is living….and we all have to face this ups and downs in our life for living life….that’s the main destination right………

    Samiha Esha.

  3. You’re right, Sameha Esha. When you have true friends to help you out in such a situation, it’s much easier to swallow the pill. However, I still think it’s a bitter pill to swallow.

    Thank you!

  4. whoknowswhy says:

    modobs, I’m back and it’s great to see there’s so much to catch up on.

    My two cents on this: Imagine you have two paintings in front of you – one perfect without even a minor flaw and another with something visibly, imperfect. I know for sure that the imperfect one will intrigue me and interest me more. I like to think life is similar. You are riveted to someone who is in some way(s) not perfect (or even close) for you.

    I have often found myself falling for people who either don’t like me and failing to notice those who genuinely do fancy me. I don’t know the chemistry behind why this happens.

  5. Welcome back, whoknowswhy!
    I love this metaphor with the paintings 🙂
    It’s curious how the chemistry plays a role in this. The thing is it’s such a torture for your brain and your heart when you go through this. Damn chemistry.
    I’m happy you’re back on the blogosphere 😀

  6. Raindreamer says:

    I have a theory:

    If parent or another have not been very accepting, when you were a child, you tend to repeat the pattern / emotional scheme.

    I, on the other hand, had ovely keen admire at the age of five, and was shocked. That put me of for very keen admires for long time. I used to fall for friends and guys, who liked me, but did not love.

  7. Raindreamer, it’s true that our relation with our parents plays an important part in our love life, unconsciously. For women, the father -daughter relation determines a lot the future of our relationships. It’s the same for men and their mother.

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