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Galaxy of emptiness


In French,  there’s a stupid proverb that says “A laughing woman is an easy woman”. I’m not convinced at all. When I talk about this with women, most of them tell me that it’s not because a man makes them laugh that they will yield to them. And besides, there’s laugh and laugh. You can laugh because you don’t want to be impolite with the one who’s trying to be funny with you, and you can laugh because what the other tells you is really funny. That’s a huge difference.

Some women I met told me that when they think about their different lovers, it’s not  their funny aspect that comes into their mind. “I’ve never been seduced by someone who makes me laugh, at least, not just by that. I generally look at the whole personality and appearance of the guy. He can be damn funny, if he’s not gifted physically, it will never do with me. Again, if  his jokes are funny but stupid, mean and racist, that will not turn me on. But I’m difficult, and I search in fact for a man who can sweep me off my feet” H., 35, explains.

Humor is quite powerful however. It can save you from many situations where you feel uncomfortable. If you’re shy and introverted, it’s the best way to shine in public. It’s also a good way to break the ice with the opposite sex.   I’ve noticed that many timid men try this approach with women, but this tactic only works if it’s subtle.  An example?  “I’m not a feminist, but jokes about women, especially the most misogynistic ones, make me cold.  So, if a guy tries these with me, it’s a definite no-no” M., 34, said. “Racist ones turn me off, but if the guy’s not funny and tries to be, and if I like him, I would give him his chance”G., 32, said. “I went once on a date with a man who thought he was funny by criticizing openly rock bands, writers like Robert Ludlum, and people who voted for the conservative party of my country. That’s too bad I listen to rock bands, love Robert Ludlum and voted for that party. I didn’t appreciate at all” T., 31, said.

Besides, some women told me they appreciate a little bit of originality. “If it’s the same old joke that everyone has heard at least a thousand time, that won’t do with me. I really like when the joke involves a special attention to me, for example, if he can turn a compliment into something funny, you know what I mean.” T., 30 , said.

But humor as itself isn’t enough. “If he’s unable to pursue a decent conversation with me, that’s a no-no. But if I feel a chemistry between us, I will give it a go” H., 29, explained.

So, does humor turn you on in a man? And for men, does humor turn you on in a woman?


11 thoughts on “Galaxy of emptiness

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  2. xntricpundits says:

    So many tangles in life are ultimately hopeless that we have no appropriate sword other than laughter.


  3. whatigotsofar says:

    So its true. I’ve been right all along. Whenever a woman tells me she likes a guy with a sense of humour, I say “Yeah, a good looking guy with a sense of humour” and she would respond with “It doesn’t matter what he looks like. Looks aren’t everything. Humour is more important.” Its all b.s.

    As for me, a woman needs a sense of humour. I’m a funny guy and I don’t want to waste all of my wonderful jokes on some broad who just sits there.

  4. Raindreamer says:

    I love clowns, but not stupid clowns…

    By the way looks isin’t that important really, it is just a cream on the cake.

    The first guy I was in love whit I did not think handsome at all. There was also a guy whit a rising bald. The last guy I’ve been in to was not handsome at all, just nice, funny and witty.

    To be honest: too damn handsome guys make me a little bit wary. I can’t trust them really.

  5. Hi xntricpundits,
    Indeed, laughter is one powerful sword in this unfair world. Thanks for stopping by.

    WIGSF, look is as important as humor for most of us. It would be hypocrite to say the contrary. But beauty is such a subjective matter that it is hard to admit this.

    Raindreamer, humor is part of a man’s charm. I’m also wary with too good-looking guy. 😉

  6. i love women who can laugh freely and easily because in my experiences they also tend to orgasm quite easily. so when i see a woman laughing well, i am thinking about the sort of orgasms she might have… especially if i made her laugh!

    perhaps that is what the proverb was referring to…

  7. Raindreamer, yes indeed 🙂

    Drunk american, basically, the proverb is more about how you can get a woman by making her laugh. I really can’t check what you’re saying. At the office, there’s one journalist that has a really retained laugh, and we all bet she’s wedged in bed. Maybe the one who’s banging her (D.?) could tell.

  8. Humor is a HUGE turn on for me. I think it’s a major attraction factor when a man can take the center of attention for just a moment to tell a sarcastic or snarky joke that makes everyone laugh.

    HUGE deal.

    My husband I was attracted to because his humor is more matter-of-fact and it’s cute and it makes me smile (and he doesnt overshadow my own moments of taking the center of attention and telling sarcastic/snark/comedic jokes). But when it comes to meeting men when I’ve gone out (obviously I’m taken and I’d never act on it) but I’ll admit its definitely hot, it breeds this sort of confidence into the air that makes you feel secure.

    Good post!

  9. Thanks Alyssa! But you raise a different issue with this. What you mention is the ability of a man to shine in public, with the laughter. That’s attractive, for sure. Some women love when their man get the center of the attention. But on a one-on-one relation,this situation takes another light.

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