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Are you sensitive to odors? I am. And I don’t particularly like when people abuse of perfume. It makes me sick. Recently, two of my colleagues have started a strange game that consists in putting as much perfume as you can. No kidding. Each time I meet them in the elevator, I have the impression I still smell their perfume, that it has contaminated my clothes and my hair.

Some people think that they will leave an unforgettable impression to the other by the way they smell. So they put as much perfume as they can. But when it comes to seduction, perfume plays a second role. “I love the natural scent of a man, just after we made love. It really turns me off when he puts too much perfume and deodorant”Y.,34, admits. “I have to admit that he has to choose a perfume and stick to it, because I remember each of my lovers by their smell. But it has to be a subtle perfume. If it’s too overwhelming, I must say that I will run away”U., 30, said.

Perfume (excess of it) can ruin your date, like body odors too. “We were supposed to meet in a bar, and when he arrived, I could smell him coming from miles away. He just abused of after shave, and it made me sick the whole evening. Luckily for me, I’m a smoker, and as our country forbid now smoking inside bars and restaurant, I could escape him for a cigarette a few times in the evening. But our date was a pure disaster. When I think about it, the guy was nice with me and charming, but I really couldn’t concentrate on what he was saying to me” A.,31, told me. “I don’t like when men put on too much perfume, I get really suspicious with them: do they have something to hide to smell like that? It’s a real turn off for me” I., 36, said.

But let’s be honest, it’s better to have a date that smells too much perfume than a date who really stinks. Bad breath, smelly feet, tenacious odors from the armpits are amid the lists of odors we wish we would never smell during a date (and after). Of course, if you have lost your sense of olfaction, this wouldn’t be a problem. But on the other hand, if your sense is too developed, this could be a nightmare.

There’s a rule that should be followed regarding perfume/aftershave: Less is more! (That’s my opinion)

So, does excess perfume make you run away?


12 thoughts on “Cloudbusting

  1. That picture seems to be a favourite here 😀

    I like subtle perfume/cologne. However, there was once I was given Hugo Boss, forgot the exact name for it, and I felt nausea the whole day. I sprayed very little and couldn’t use it anymore, a pity because it was for my birthday too.

    Depending on the aroma they give out, I’m still quite ok with some of them.

  2. Subtle perfume, yes indeed, WishBoNe. I also hate heady perfumes, and there’s a list of it I couldn’t stand on a man. So, those who wears Kouros or that one from jean-Paul Gaultier better stand miles away from me, because it makes me vomit. 🙂

  3. The Last Spartan says:

    Funny you should write this today as I just was thinking how stupid I am to keep using a cologne that I don’t like much so that I can finish it and get rid of it. Isn’t that silly?

    I agree that too much perfume is bad. I also think that my dear old aunt had the best approach. Spray into the air and walk into it. You’ll never have too much on plus it’s on your clothes and fewer chemicals on your skin.

  4. Let me guess, the cologne was a gift?
    Your dear old aunt had indeed the best approach. My mom also told me this: “if you can smell your own perfume, then you have put too much of it”.

  5. The Last Spartan says:

    Yes, the cologne was a gift. Unfortunately, what my wife doesn’t know is that I was first given a bottle of this cologne many years ago by my first girlfriend. I’m not sure if it’s the scent or the memories…but I don’t want to wear it and I can’t bring myself to just toss it. Of course, she would have to go and buy the large size.

  6. Alright well I’ll go out on a limb here and admit it…

    I remember each of my past boyfriends colognes, by name…

    My husband mixes it up but I know which one he wears most often though.

    Too much makes me CRAZY but I love cologne there in the first place, just please no italian shower.

  7. Raindreamer says:

    South Europeans use much more cologne that people from Scandinavia and when I was there it was a chock.

    If I can smell it over 1 m from another person, its too much, I think.

  8. Alyssa, it’s true that some people remember their ex by their perfume.

    Raindreamer, it’s also something I’ve noticed. Maybe it’s cultural, I don’t know.

  9. you bet…i go to class with a bunch of friends who drown themselves in deodorant…i don’t like womens’ perfume that are very strong…they remind me of wrinkly old ladies for some reason…and makes being around the wearer kinda hard :S

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