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The voice within

 We all have a voice (or several voices) inside of us that tells us what (not) to do. It encourages us when we need it, it gives us advices when we’re stuck in a situation, and it can be very tough with us when we fail at doing things. This little voice should be followed all the time (well, maybe not in the failure), but for a  reason, we choose not to follow it. This is particularly true when it comes to love. How many times your little voice inside told you not to fall for that guy/woman, and still you fall in love for that guy/woman and end up broken hearted?

We do because emotions blur our consciousness. Some people manage to control their feelings, but at what price? If you never follow your heart, then your existence may be dull and sad (I think). But I might be wrong. On the other hand, if we could evacuate the irrational in our behaviour, this could save us from many pains in our life. However,  the sad experiences we have throughout our lifetime serve us as lessons for the future.

There’s also another thing that prevent us from listening to our inner voice: the inner battle inside our head can lead us to give up. “I knew I was heading in the wrong direction with him. Inside me, my inner voice urged me to stop any contact with him, but I couldn’t do that. With him, it was a one-way relationship. I was doing everything for him, while he wouldn’t lift a finger for me. Everything revolved around him, he was so egocentric. I never found the courage to leave him, although I knew I deserved much better. It’s just that I was tired of fighting all the time with myself, and I just gave up to my emotions. Of course, it ended badly. He left me for another woman, and I was devastated” P., 30, said.

But this will to give up makes us also do the right thing. “I was fighting all the time with him because he didn’t care much about me. After weeks and weeks of fights and insomnia because of this, I just listened to my inner voice that said I would be better off without him. I was too tired, and I just let my consciousness decide for me. It was a good decision” C., 38, said.

Do you listen to your inner voice and follow its advice? Or does your feelings has taken the best of you?


10 thoughts on “The voice within

  1. dontdatethatdude says:

    Sometimes I think my inner voice is out shouted by my “emotional” voice and I become deaf to it, but then something will happen that forces me to listen and I over-react because I knew the answer was there all along.

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