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Men’s need

Spending your lunchtimes with your male colleagues can be quite instructive. For instance, when I was working as a banker, I had to spend my very short lunchtime with three colleagues that kept on talking about football (soccer for the US readers), from the Champion’s League to small regional divisions. I thought it was boring at that time, but now I’ve switched to an upper level in the financial world, I realise these little informations (I knew nothing about football then) are quite helpful when you have a business lunch with – again- exclusively men. Or when you’re invited by an investment bank to a game, in the VIP section. That doesn’t mean I’m into football now, though. I don’t watch any match on TV.

When I arrived in my newsroom, I found myself again going to lunch with mostly my male colleagues (it’s not my fault, I get along really well with men in general, less with women- and besides, female journalists are still a minority, except in the women magazines). The topics of our conversations vary (thank god) a lot more than in my previous job, but it all boils down actually to two subjects: football (again) and women. One of my former colleagues ( a true misogynist) used to say that women have only two subjects of conversation: their appearance and men. Well, I can send the compliment back to him. What’s amazing in men’s conversations is that they can’t avoid judging physically their female counterparts, but are unable to tell you directly what they think of you. An example? I went out with four male journalists once, and they kept on talking about the different (young) female journalists in the newsroom. And it went something like this: “Did you see how she was dressed this morning, she looked like a ho?”  or “Yeah, that one is really a true beauty, she’s definitely shagable” Of course, it depends on which colleagues you’re talking about. Some of my colleagues won’t talk exactly like that on their female counterparts. Some don’t care at all, while others just criticize their many physical defects.  And I always wonder if they act ten times worse when there’s no woman with them on the midday break. Probably, since I have the impression that my ears whistle during this particular period of the day when I attend a press conference.

What strikes me is that when I go and lunch with only female journalists, we never abord the question of our male counterparts. Well, not on a physical aspect, at least. I’ve never heard any of my female colleagues saying she would boink one of her male colleagues. And this topic doesn’t occupy 85% of our conversation time like for my male colleagues.  The subjects consist more on the family, travels, …

So, I’m curious, do you gossip like that on your colleagues?


12 thoughts on “Men’s need

  1. It depends – just ask yourself what the conversation would be like if everyone was speaking their mind. I mean if people could not help but say what first comes to their mind. Almost any man would comment if a busty blonde entered the room. And what kind of comment would it be??? Sex is natural for us just as the desire for good food and drink, which we talk about freely… so why not speak your mind at least every now and then. I mean not all the time – as you said you would not have people talking about football 99% of the time?!? Or is it one of their natural needs?

  2. whatigotsofar
    Oct 24th, 2007 at
    Formula 1 racing and why it’s better to be single.

    – – – – – –

    I totally agree! I mean, most of the time I spend posting about girls and cars on my site… and horror movies (although I do watch some bollywood movies from time to time)

  3. Formula 1, WIGSF? It’s also a topic that comes often in the conversation, depending on which colleagues go and eat with me.

    Hi, phantasie.
    I already know the answer for the busty blonde 😉 Yes, it’s true that men think a lot more about sex than women. This would explain that. Thanks for stopping by

    Hi, Santadelic.
    Ok, I’m beat down. You could come with WIGSF eat with my colleagues, and exchange your many views on women and cars. Thanks for stopping by too.

  4. when men gather and do not know each other very well or are not very close friends, they will usually talk about something that they hope other men can relate to. this process is called “male bonding.”

    and the topics that other men can relate to usually means discussing things that are of the lowest common denominator. for example, most men can relate to women, sex, and sports. so talking about those topics with other men you do not know very well is usually a basic step of male bonding.

    so if i talk about the really good sex i had last night or the incredibly attractive secretary who never happens to wear a bra, i am pretty much guaranteed that other men will find my speech interesting and that i am one hell of a cool guy.

    because if i were to lunch with a group of men who were not my close friends and i start to talk about the writings of voltaire or my hemorrhoids, other men would probably not listen and think that i was gay.

    so when men gossip like that, it is usually because they are reaching for the lowest common denominator to achieve some degree of male bonding.

  5. I have encounters where men are talking about their favourite topics and when the women who aren’t so inclined towards it, they will pass it off as “Piff! Women don’t get it.”

    When women get together, the topic tends to veer towards men’s insensitivity and their sometimes endearing actions. Currently, my colleagues talk about the tasks on hand and a little on traveling.

  6. I really enjoy this post, guess what exactly that’s what i also faced during my lunch break with my male colleagues. So i was wondering around the whole world scenario is quite similar 🙂 thanks for such cute write up modobs. I do really enjoy it 🙂

    Samiha Esha

  7. Raindreamer says:

    Now there is just one difference here: gentlemens don’t speak that in front of ladies, but I’ve never have had any delusion about what they still talk among them.

  8. Drunk american, thanks for this precision. It’s true that my colleagues aren’t that close to each other and don’t know each other really well. Geez, I can’t stop giggling at the writings of Voltaire and the hemorroids!

    WishBoNe, that’s a remark I also heard, that’s why I don’t intervene anymore in those kind of conversations. 🙂

    Samiha Esha, thank you sweetie! It seems that everywhere, there’s the same scenario going on 🙂

    Raindreamer, yes, true gentlemen won’t speak like that in front of ladies, only behind their back 😀

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