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My goodies

Reality is sometimes harsh with you. You land a very handsome man/ drop dead gorgeous woman, and he/she sucks miserably in bed. So, this following question is really important : how could you know in advance if the person in front of you is a good shot? And that’s a tough question. So, I ask around me about this topic, and I got the following answers.

I look at the way he dances. If he can’t dance, then he can’t bang. So far, this prediction has worked for me. I haven’t met the exception to this rule yet” B., 29.

You can tell if he’s a good lover or not by the way he eats. And especially what he does with his mashed potatoes in his plate. If he makes a volcano with his mashed potatoes, then he’s childish and you couldn’t expect him to treat you like a real man in bed” T., 35.

“If he’s a good kisser, then it’s promising” P., 30.

It’s in his attitude. If we have a dinner together, and he only talks about himself, then he won’t have much consideration for you in bed. And he’s the type to ask you afterwards: So, it was good?”O.,35.

Too drunk, that’s a bad lover. I had once sex with a guy so drunk that he fell asleep during the act” K., 30.

It’s difficult to determine. A man can be a good lover to one woman and a bad one to another. I believe in the compatibility of the bodies” T., 29.

“It depends on your personal tastes. You won’t necessarily like what he does to you, while another woman would” J.,29.

I just follow my instinct” L.,32.
“If she’s picky with her food, then she would be hard to come”R., 35.

If he eats like a pig, then he would lack of originality in bed”E., 37.

So, could you tell if a person is a good shot in advance or not?

NB: Why the sushi? Drunk american has got the answer :mrgreen:


16 thoughts on “My goodies

  1. whatigotsofar says:

    Now I know what homeless people feel like when they read a restaurant review in the newspaper they’re using for sheets while they sleep on a grate or park bench. Beggars can’t be choosers. Sure, great sex is great, but some sex is better than no sex. Frankly, right now I could care less whether or not its good.
    Unless its with a hooker, if I’m paying for it, I want to get some bang for my buck.

  2. whatigotsofar says:

    in response to WishBoNe: some women just can’t be pleased with anything. Complaining seems to be their only real pleasure. If her food has to be a certain way, then chances are, everything else in her life has to be a certain way as well.

  3. Thanks Samiha Esha 🙂

    WishBoNe, I don’t know. Since I’m picky myself with food, I’m starting to wonder if it’s true.

    WIGSF, for sure, some sex is better than no sex.

  4. thanks for the pingback… i am soooo glad you like sushi 🙂

    there is really so much to say about this post. but to keep it simple, i like to judge how well i might get along with a woman in bed by how easily we can make each other laugh. orgasms are involuntary reactions… just like a really good laugh.

    and since being able to laugh with someone requires good communication with them (you never have to explain to someone “okay, this is the part where you can laugh now”)… really good sex also requires that same sort of intimate understanding where you both know what each other wants or needs without having to tell the other person…

    i also think dancing is a great way to tell, but then most people drink when they dance and it is hard to tell a woman you meet at the grocery store to listen to your ipod so you can check out hip-hop her ass moves in the middle of the dairy section…

  5. Drunk american, you’re welcome:)

    For the laugh, you’re right: it requires good communication to make someone laugh. My last experience with a person that I won’t mention anymore prouved it’s important to be on the same frequency. And yes, sex is a matter of anticipation of what the other like. There’s a better chance to reach that goal if we know what each other wants without having to tell.

    Dancing in the middle of the dairy section? Why not?

  6. The Last Spartan says:

    I have been a far different lover in each relationship. The two best have been marked by great chemistry between us beyond the sexual…so the sexual followed suit.

    Being “good in bed” is a relative thing. That’s a decidedly masculine thing to worry about. To me, it’s the effort and the tenderness involved. A lover who tries hard to please is a very valuable thing. The lover who doesn’t try to meet your needs that is the let down.

  7. Yes, it’s a relative thing, Last Spartan. It works better if the chemistry is involved. And a lover who tries to please his partner is indeed a valuable thing. The one who let you do all the job all the time is just a waste of time.

  8. D.Peace, boys under 12 year old for sure. And men whose mental age is around that period too. 🙂 But I’ve never met men like that.

    Hi Valley Girl,
    This picture makes me crave sashimi too. Damn me. 🙂
    Thanks for stopping by.

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