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More than a woman

When it comes to gossips, men say that women are the best for that. But we start to invert the role on this, and I’m not talking about gays who blog about celebrities like this famous one who keeps on changing his hair color. Recently, I went to lunch with two of my male colleagues, and I had the impression to be in a beauty parlor surrounded by women. The two of them were constantly talking, or let’s say bashing, their other colleagues, in particular their female counterparts. But not like men usually talk. One of them started to criticize my chief editor, and asked me if I thought she had breast implants, because hers don’t look “natural”. A little precision: the two are both married (with a woman) and have two children each. Then, they chattered about the way she dresses in general (she would truly need a visit from the What not to wear team, I must admit). And that’s where the chapter ends for our chief editor.

They followed by gossiping on another female colleague, who again, isn’t really gifted physically and who would also need a visit from Trinny and Susannah. One of my colleagues joked about her sagging breasts and her saddle bag, and her haircut too. And they finally ended the lunch by just criticizing the way our colleagues say hello in the morning, mocking the women who kiss them on the cheek and the men who had a soft handshake. BTW, I didn’t trigger any of those subjects of conversation.

One of my friends told me about a similar experience she had with some of her male friends, straight by the way. “They knew more gossips about celebrities than I know. And our conversations revolved around our mutual friends, male and female, about the way they dress, the way they look. I had the impression to be with my female friends. But then when I thought about it, I recognized they were worse than women when they gossip”she said.

Yet, another friend of mine thinks the men’s gossips aren’t as mean as the women’s ones. “Women will seek for private, intimate details about those they chatter about. Men won’t do that, they just stay in surface” she said.

And besides, another colleague of mine said that those two colleagues were worse than a woman. Still, I do think that men are more and more accepting their female part in them, and it starts to show.

I hope this isn’t another form of male bonding…

Do you prefer men that are more effeminate? And for the men, do you accept your female part?


2 thoughts on “More than a woman

  1. um… i only accept my female parts if it is on another person, preferably on another women.

    actually, this all sounds very weird to me because i do not know men who gossip like that… but i am sure that there are those who do. i guess it all depends on the men and the situation they are in.

    as for my female parts, i have actually started to learn how to knit… because i love someone very much and want to show her by doing something that she really appreciates.

    a few people made fun of me when they saw me trying to learn how to knit, but the thing is that did not bother me because i know who i am and the reasons i do what i do.

    and i try to rationalize it to myself by saying it takes strength of character to do something that really shows just how much you love another person.

    and not just knitting, but showing others just how much you really care about them…

  2. You’re back, and I give you a lot of work, drunk american 😉

    Indeed, it depends on the men and the situation they are in.
    That’s very sweet of you to learn how to knit for the one you love. She’s the luckiest lady on this planet, I think.
    And love is all about proofs.

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