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One year, an important milestone

It’s been one year exactly since I started this blog. So, happy birthday to this blog. I hope there will be a lot of future posts to come. I would like to thank all my readers, and especially the ones that have been here since the beginning.

Behind every bloggers lies a reason to blog. Mine are double: I wanted to improve my English, as I’m a non-English native. Then, I just wanted to expand my horizons and share my views with the others on relationships in general. I took the bias of failed relationships, because I’ve met loads of men and women who told me about their sometimes difficult experiences, and because we learn most of all from our mistakes. But don’t get me wrong, I may sound cynical sometimes and sarcastic, yet I don’t want to be too pessimistic. I do believe in happy couples.

I’ve also been asked where I got my inspiration, and the answer is really simple: I take whatever idea that comes in my mind after listening to songs, reading books, magazines and newspapers and use every discussion I have with people. Sometimes, my personal experiences, and my friends’s experiences intervene too. Last but not least, the comments I receive on this blog also constitute a source of inspiration. So, thank you for all your precious comments!

And to end up this post, I collected a sample of the weirdest search engine terms I had in recent weeks. There it goes.

  • Do men need to wear a bra? If you secretly like to wear your wife/girlfriend underwear, why not?

  • Fuck Kermit Technically, it’s not possible, I think

  • sex at dentist It’s not a place where I fantasize to have sex, personally

  • Do gyno flirt? Sex with my gyno. I start to believe the gyno is the ultimate sex fantasy for women. Geez.

  • What kind of guys do strippers date? I don’t know, I’m not a stripper.

  • Little earthquakes orgasms. Well, I wouldn’t say that about orgasms.

  • D.’s relationships. Honestly, I don’t know about his relationships. Maybe senator Douchebag and Miss Kazakhstan have made it official (sigh), I don’t know. Maybe you should ask him directly. If you’re nice with me, I will give you his email address (and be gentle, don’t tell him where you got it from).
  • living with Brad Pitt. I don’t think the light of my life would agree.
  • When Scorpio male loves me. Lucky you, I don’t have that chance.
  • Make food into anal beads. Eeeeewwwwww
  • Maynard James Keenan girlfriend. See the “living with Brad Pitt” section.




14 thoughts on “One year, an important milestone

  1. happy anniversary and congratulations on this wonderful little blog of yours… hope you have plans to convert your thoughts and ideas about relationships into a book one day.

  2. whatigotsofar says:

    Now you know how I found your blog.
    Do men need to wear a bra – Some yes, thats why we now have the bro.
    Fuck Kermit – I don’t share partners with swine.
    sex at dentist – have you seen my dentist. eeeewww.
    what kind of guys do strippers date – lucky guys
    living with brad pitt – that would require living with Angelina Jolie and a handful of asian babies right?
    make food into anal beads – I prefer not to.

  3. Thanks, drunk american! I will, when I have time.

    WIGSF, thank you!
    For the living with Brad Pitt, you’re right. Angelina Jolie is one thing, but her will to adopt every child from the Thirld World is a bit invading.

  4. Congratulation on 1 year! – I like the way you keep investigation on your topic and your observations, modobs.

    I have a new article about “living together before marriage” and would be very much intrested in your expert opinion 🙂 Thanks!

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