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Where the streets have no name

To the request of drunk american, here’s a little glance at my years spent in College, and in particular, at a special day during the year. 

On my college campus, there’s a special event organized each year where gather all the students of the town: the St Verhaegen. This event, always held on the 20th of november, celebrates the folklore of the student life of our university, and marks the end of the hazing for those who wanted to do their “baptism” and receive afterwards a hat we call a penne. When I arrived in my college the first year, we had a visit during one of our classes of two women coming from the family planning, a help center for women who need advice or help on their problem related to sex and pregnancy.  These two women had a short message especially for the female students. It went something like that: “Ladies,  we know many of you will participate to the St V. We’re just here to remind you to be careful during this event. Each year, we see arriving students like you in our center because of what they did on this night. Most of them had drank too much and forgotten about condoms, and come to ask us for the abortive pill”. Most of my fellow students couldn’t stop giggling after their intervention, and some of them wondered in what kind of mess we would end up by partying at the St-V. 

So, we went there, and curiously, I didn’t drunk that much on the first St. V. I made. I guess curiosity took on my ethyl envy that night. The party is usually held at the same place every year on the campus, under a big tent and in the middle of the wood. To arrive there, we had to pass through a deserted path, which wasn’t deserted at all. We heard some moaning and grinning coming from behind the trees surrounding the path.  Then, one of my friends saw a girl with her pants down and a man shaking his groove on her. And they didn’t seem bother at all by our presence. In fact, they both looked as if they had a few glasses in their nose. We just decided to leave them to their business (one of my friends, who was drunk, wanted to join them, but we impeached him). We finally reached the tent, and started partying. At one moment, one of my male friends had to satisfy an urgent need, and went outside the tent. He came back, mesmerized by what he saw. He told us he saw one couple busy banging in a hidden corner, while another one just did it against a tree – again- without caring if anyone could see them. At the end of the evening, or let’s say early in the morning, we decided to leave, but some of us wanted to eat something. So we headed to the nearest fritkot we could find. There was one close to the campus. And when we arrived there, we saw, again, a couple busy doing nasty things in a dark corner, but not dark enough for them to be ignored.   And this is where we ended our first St-V.

The next year, it was so freezing cold everyone was pressing against each other  inside the tent. We saw no fornicating couples (or at least, I was too drunk too remember anything). After that, I can’t tell you because I stopped assisting to the St-V. party. My friends and I  preferred going to bars and clubs than events like that, too filthy (there is always vomit everywhere and you cannot walk without putting you foot in it). But according to the other students, sex scenes like the one we saw are still very much there.



6 thoughts on “Where the streets have no name

  1. thank you for that explanation!

    i just googled st. verhaegen and learned more about the rich tradition of the founding of université libre de bruxelles. i don’t know of any schools in america that has a similar celebration. but at least i know when to plan my visit!

  2. Oh, you welcome for that, drunk american.
    The St V. has a new theme each year, and the two I assisted were: the degradation of the universal human rights (!) and coito ergo sum.
    I heard there are similar scenes in the 24h bicycles of the UCL, and also in other belgian universities as well.

  3. those themes are very important, especially the one about the degradation of universal human rights. the sad thing about that declaration was that it was adopted by the united nations but never implemented.

    just more words on paper.

    i hope that changes.

    but i would like to tell you a funny story about a flemish girl from brussels who attended my high school. one day in science class several of us were talking about relationships and infidelity. then she said in the sexiest voice imaginable with the most incredible confidence: “my husband will *never* have to cheat on me!”

    i think i fell in love with her when she said that.

    her name was also very beautiful: Ilse

  4. I hope this changes too, drunk american. But sometimes, I’ve got the impression there will be too much effort to reach that goal, and that people won’t appreciate that necessarily.

    Ilse? I know a lot of Ilse, this name quite popular in the North of my country.

  5. A lot, I don’t know. If I take for example my newsroom which is split between Flemish and Walloons, well, it’s not a good example. There are true beauty in the North, it’s true.

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