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Beat your heart out

Most of the men I know told me they prefer women with a little character than those who are sweet, but with zero personality, in other words, they prefer mean women. Yet, there are different categories of mean women. There are those like my chief editor, which most of my colleagues described as a total bitch who would never let a man approach her. This kind of women repel men like garlic repels vampires. There are also the women who play a little game with them, by making them longing for them. In this case, either they just play their man like a fool, or they just put intrigue and mystery into the relationship. Then, there are the women who just like to tease their partner a little bit, by being a little mean with him.

How does that materialize? Well, it’s really simple. It can be little jokes about his curious habits, about the way he dresses, about something he just did. But we ‘ve got to be careful with these little jokes, because it can be castrating. How come?

Some women can’t help criticizing their man in public, in front of their family, their friends or their colleagues. Even if they see nothing wrong with this, when you observe their man’s face, you could see they are less than pleased. Two of my colleagues are together, and we often go to lunch with them. My female colleague is often mocking him by comparing him to Mr. Bean. Usually, he just looks at her like he was pissed off by her remark, then just forgets about it. I must say it’s a little bit embarrassing to be confronted to this situation. But this dynamic seems to work for them, because they are still together, for now 6 years.

When you push the button too far, unless you have a real doormat for partner or a true masochist, there are chances he would sooner or later leave you. There’s a thin line between mocking him and humiliating him in public. Last week-end, I went shopping with my sister, and in front of us in the queue, there was a couple who were arguing. In fact, she was constantly yelling at him while he just nodded. She shouted he had no taste at all for decoration. The cashier looked at him with pity in her eyes, and so did we. My sister and I bet this couple wouldn’t last. One of my male friends had a similar experience with one of his ex. “Everything I did for her was wrong, she kept on criticizing me. And I really tried to please her, but she couldn’t appreciate it the right way. In the end, I got really tired of her character”he said.

There’s a rule saying never criticize him in front of everyone else (this also applies for you, gentlemen), and maybe it should be followed.

So, do you mock your partner in public? And men, what kind of mean women do you like?


4 thoughts on “Beat your heart out

  1. dontdatethatdude says:

    I don’t think anyone should mock anyone at anytime, unfortunately sometimes we take our partners for granted, I have been guilty of this, and project our anger onto them and we hurt them without ever realizing it. I think there is a big difference between playful teasing and outright mocking, which is just cruel. I feel sorry for the guy who is willing to put up with it.

  2. WIGSF, lOl .

    DDTD, yes indeed, we shouldn’t mock anyone at anytime because it’s cruel. But it’s tempting, especially when you go through troubled periods (and not only because of PMS). It happens to me too, and I just make apologies afterwards, but the evil is done. I make no difference between gently mocking /teasing and humiliating. Remember that sometimes, the message you send to your partner can be misinterpreted, and can lead to awkward situations.

    Drunk american, haha.

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