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Hall of mirrors

This man above has been elected the sexiest man alive by People magazine. I bet he would just joke about this and would never use this as a pick up line with the opposite sex. I even bet he doesn’t consider himself as handsome. I’ve met quite a lot of men who are objectively handsome but don’t consider themselves as well. They never use their physic to seduce women, they would rather use their sense of humor or their personality to approach the opposite sex. And generally, this tactic works. But there are also men who consider themselves as handsome, and don’t understand why women don’t fall in love with them immediately.

Before D. was fired, I had once an awkward conversation with him about this topic. He left for his holidays in Sweden, and hoped he would score with Swedish women who are less timid than the women of our country when it comes to men and sex. At least, that’s what he thought. When he came back from his holidays, I asked him about his success with the Swedes, and he told me he didn’t score at all. I replied to him that he didn’t look like Brad Pitt, that’s why the Swedish women didn’t chase him. And his reply was quite surprising. He told me he basically let his beard grow a little bit while he was there, because “women think he’s irresistible with it”. And really seemed puzzled by his lack of success. I didn’t know what to say to that and just went back to my desk, to his stupefaction. He thought probably I would have told him he’s indeed irresistible.

I talked with my friend about this strange conversation, and she told me she had a similar experience once. “There was a guy I met in a bar who started flirting with me. He wasn’t too bad physically, but not an Apollo too. We chatted a little bit, and I didn’t feel anything for him, so I declined politely his invitation to go to his place. Then, he started to complain women couldn’t appreciate his beauty and that if he was a woman, he would fall for him. And he left like a prince. I didn’t regret my choice at all” she said. “This is probably the kind of guys who just think women are either attracted to handsome or wealthy men”she added.

Most of the women I know told me they prefer a man that doesn’t know he’s handsome than the one who’s sure of it. Do you agree with that? And for the men, how handsome do you consider yourself?


9 thoughts on “Hall of mirrors

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  2. whatigotsofar says:

    I’ve heard women say “I can’t go out with him, he’s gorgeous and he knows it.” I see no logic in that. But it does help explain why I’m always single. I’m so hot I make that Matt Damon look like a pile of puke.

  3. that is a great question modobs…

    honestly, i don’t consider myself attractive at all. when we were growing up, my brother had all the looks. women found him very attractive. he dated one of the hottest looking girls in high school, and women just fell for him.

    i was and still am very unattractive to look at. i am one of those guys who are actually ugly enough to stop a clock. if a woman would even shake my hand, i would think that was as good enough as if i had scored with her.

    i think growing up with a brother who had all of the attention from women sort of messed me up because i sort of think i have something to prove to myself (or to him) with the relationships i now have with women…

  4. WIGSF, would you go out with a women who’s gorgeous and who knows it?

    drunk american, thank you. I know this topic is quite sensitive for men. But the looks don’t make everything. As we grow old, beauty tends to fade away and we focus more on the personality. Under 20, we would focus more on the looks, after that, it changes a lot. Remember that D. wasn’t particularly handsome, and yet, three female journalists had a crush on him.

  5. dontdatethatdude says:

    I’ve dated really good looking men and some average looking men. I think sometimes being exceptionally good looking can be a hindrance because they always wonder if she is just going out with him for his looks and they get a complex about it. Sometimes though men use it to get laid and have a long list of conquests to brag about. I definately don’t think, Matt Damon is the sexiest man alive, but he is cute….

  6. DDTD, indeed, beautiful people don’t like to be considered just for their looks. Matt Damon isn’t the sexiest man alive for me too, but I wouldn’t reject him either :mrgreen:

    WIGSF: haha.

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