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No more running away

So, this is the end of the year. Generally, it’s the time where everyone makes his resolutions for the year to come. Those resolutions just give us a good conscience, because we don’t follow them. One of my friends promised she would quit smoking last year, and she only gave up cigarettes during two months, only to start again smoking with a vengeance. OK, for her, this year was a little bit tough, on a personal and sentimental level.

When you make such resolutions in the beginning of the year, you can’t predict what will happen to you in the coming months. For example, if you decided to be more friendly with everyone, but during the year, you had to endure a failure or the death of someone you really love, it’s difficult to stick to that resolution.

Still, there are resolutions that are possible to follow, no matter how you will feel in the coming months. For example, stopping wasting time with toxic people: the so-called friend who only calls you when she/he has something to ask to you or when he/she needs to talk about his/her problems, the lover that just finds you useful, the pretender that is only interested in you because of your wealth or your professional contacts, …

Is there one resolution you know you will  be able to follow ?


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A farewell to arms

Cheshire Cat

In all relationships, there’s an important word very useful if you want to make your couple work: compromise. However, there are some deal breakers  in every relationship.  And these vary a lot from one person to another.

When you decide to date someone, you don’t necessarily know all his/her flaws right away. It’s part of the process of the discovery of the other’s personality.  Then, slowly, you begin to be confronted with his/her little failings, and deal with it (or not).

What are those deal breakers? When I ask that question around me, this is what I get.

Immature personality. Generally, this is the kind of guy allergic to commitment. I’m not talking about the guy who still a child in his heart, but the kind of guys who act primarily because of their feelings, and don’t think about what they do and the consequence of it” Y., 34, said.

If he’s unable to take a decision, or worse, unable to defy the authority of his parents, family or boss. It reminds me of a little kid” M.,35, said.

A bad kisser. When I was younger, I didn’t care that much about this, but now I’ve grown up, this is definitely a criteria that qualify or not my companion. Besides, if he can’t kiss, there’s a good chance he’s a bad lover too” K., 30, said.

A liar. I dated once a guy who kept lying to me about everything, and I started to realize incoherences in what he said to me” B., 29, said.

“If he leaves me constantly secondary feels. I was married to a basket player who put his career first before all the rest, and it really frustrated me. It wasn’t only his career: he spent a lot of time with his friends. I barely saw him, so we split” J.,32, said.

If he’s too negative about everything and can’t help speaking in derogatory terms about the others. His negativity would start to affect my mood, and I don’t want a man that keeps on tearing me down. My ex was like that. I didn’t notice how negative he was when we first met, because he was so charming, but then, his nature took over” L. 31, said.

“A bad lover” N., 30, said.

Bad manners. If he picks up his nose in front of me, can’t sit properly on his chair but just stayed with his legs wide open, swears a lot and spits. Generally, I can spot an obnoxious guy like that right away, but with one of my ex’s, I only discovered those unpleasant aspects when we moved in together” T., 35, said.

“His musical taste. I can accept a lot of things, but if he listens to the craps that top the charts, like Britney for example, it’s simply unforgivable”R., 30, said.

If he cheats. I don’t forgive that” E., 32, said.

So, what are your deal breakers?

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The day after Christmas


Not satisfied by your Christmas gifts? Well, don’t try what this woman did.

A recent European study showed that men don’t satisfy in general their woman’s expectations in gifts. While women wish they would receive jewelry, clothes, cosmetics and perfume, they will get from their partner CD, videos, DVD and books.  Well, at least this is still acceptable. I still remember once, during the frenzy of the Christmas  shopping, that guy who bought a Swiffer sweeper for his wife (I hope it was for his wife, not for his mistress) and asked to have his  wonderful gift wrapped.  Maybe his wife has asked for that present, I  don’t know. But personally, I wouldn’t never ask that for Christmas to my man (nor for my birthday or for Valentine’s Day).

Most of the women I know tell me they have a strategy for their Christmas gifts with their man. “Generally, two weeks before Christmas, I just lay on the kitchen table some magazines in which I just highlighted the things that I fancy.  I ‘ve never been disappointed by his Christmas gift so far” P., 34, said. “I don’t make a list of what I want, I just make a list of what I absolutely don’t want. It goes from all the things that reminds me of the household chores like a vacuum cleaner or a pressure iron to the unpleasant things that reminds you you’re getting fat, old, or hairy. An example? Wrinkle cream, hair removal products, or a voucher for a slimming treatment at the beauty saloon” T., 29, said.

This works if you’re involved in a relationship for a while with your partner. But when it’s the first Christmas you spend together, this is where it gets tricky, because you don’t necessarily know each other very well at that stage. “We started dating only one month before Christmas, so we didn’t know what to offer to each other. He bought me a bra and its coordinated panties, but he got the size wrong: the bra was too small, the panties were too big. And also, he bought a lace bra, something I can’t stand because it makes me itch”O., 31, said. “He knew I like reading books, so he bought me the latest book of Tom Clancy. It’s too bad it wasn’t my kind of literature”L., 30, said.

So, have you ever been disappointed by the gift your partner gave to you?

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The power of love (really?)

One question is occurring in my mind right now: is it the power or the uniform that drives woman crazy? As a former top model turned singer-a-bit-too-intellectual-with-a-reputation-of-maneater has just hooked up with the French president Nicolas Sarkozy, we could definitely admit that power exercises a strong attraction on women. Just look at a simple city hall meeting with the mayor. Even if he’s not good-looking, you will find women that will wet their pants for him. But for the uniform, can’t we say that it also give an impression of power to the one who’s wearing it? Examples:


  • The doctor
  • McDreamy

If he’s not a gyno (well, even gyno attract women, judging by the multiple people ending on my blog), the doctor is a fantasy for a lot of women. Especially since TV shows like E.R. or Grey’s anatomy have come up with a bunch of sex symbols like Geooooorge Clooney and Patrick Dempsey. The doctor is also synonym of a certain social status. I still remember when I was in College how some girls would just wait outside the medicine faculty to get a future MD. So, the doctor carries an idea of power underneath his white blouse.


  • The soldier
  • Jake Gyllenhall
    Behind the soldier lays the ability of a man to defend his country, hence defend his woman. Isn’t that a real power?

  • the police officer
  • Bad lieutenant
    Well, as long as he doesn’t look like the chief Wiggum, it will do. Hum, not for me, though. The police officer has the power to stop criminals, but he also sees the downside and the evil of humanity, which leaves him bitter. This isn’t a good example.

  • The fireman

Again, he’s supposed to fight against fire, there’s something really impressive in this.

So, if you’re attracted to men in uniforms, maybe you’re after their power/authority too. At least, that’s my opinion. But a friend of mine doesn’t necessarily agree on this. “I admit I fantasize a lot on soldiers and firemen because they’re supposed to have a fit, hence hot body. That’s the only reason I see” she said. Well, she may be right, after all :mrgreen:

So, are you attracted by men/women in uniform?

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Fake plastic trees

Whatigotsofar came with a Christmas meme, and I just stole it. You’re into the Christmas spirit or you’re not  🙂 the grinch
There it goes.

  1. What do you really want for Christmas but you know nobody will get it for you?
  2. Geez, that’s difficult. I would say MJK if I was silly. More seriously, a Santa Claus.

  3. What do you not want for Christmas but you know that somebody will get it for you?
  4. The traditional Christmas Party of my newsroom. But I have the sentiment it would change dramatically this year from the past events.

  5. When do you open your gifts (Christmas eve or Christmas morning)?
  6. If you have the chance to travel the country like me to visit your family on this period, you would say every day from the Christmas eve to the end of the year.

  7. Do you prefer gifts wrapped or in gift bags?
  8. Wrapped. It’s always a pleasure to contemplate the wrapping technique of my family (if they wrapped the gifts themselves)

  9. Did you regift anything this year?
  10. Yes, it’s my speciality. Remember than what doesn’t please you could make the happiness of someone else. It applies for partners too.

  11. What’s your favourite Christmas movie?
  12. sorry, it’s in French

  13. What’s your favourite Christmas TV special?
  14. It’s not really a Christmas TV Special, but it’s often broadcasted on Christmas.

  15. Do you like egg nog?
  16. Eeeeewwwwww.

  17. Real tree or fake tree, which do you prefer?
  18. Fake trees. Mine looks a little bit like this.
    pisa tower

  19. Would you actually use one of those fireplace DVDs if you don’t have a fireplace?
  20. Certainly not.

  21. Are you sick of Christmas music yet?
  22. I have a very selective ear.

  23. Are you getting up early to wait in line to do some Boxing Day shopping (Canada’s equivalent to Black Friday)
  24. No.

  25. When was the last time you sat on Santa’s lap?
  26. Santa used to terrify me when I was a little kid. So, never. It was best for both parties, because I was a terrible child, and God knows what I could have done to him.

So, if this is a tag, it has to be passed. Raindreamer, Liz, DDTD, Whoknowswhy, WishBoNe, shae and Cricket, be my guests.

Oh, and Merry Christmas to you.