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The collector


Since D.’s gone, I’ve noticed something strange with one of his three pretenders, miss Kazakhstan (she has the look to figure in the Borat movie). She used to follow D. everywhere he went in the newsroom like a lost puppy, and now, she’s doing exactly the same with another journalist, who looks almost the same as D.: not very tall, thin but muscular, bald and allergic to clothes that look too dressed. But unlike D., J. is gay, and she doesn’t know. Maybe I should tell her about his sexual preference, but since she doesn’t talk to me, whatever.

Miss Kazakhstan has obviously a very precise taste in men. I would love to see how her ex look like, I’m sure they would look like that too (perhaps with more hair, though).I’ve met quite a lot of women who have ex who all look the same. “I have a soft spot for tall and fair guys, with a great smile and deep blue eyes. Many of my ex are like that. I’m just attracted to this type of men” I., 30, said. “I’m attracted to the Mediterranean type of men, short, dark, hairy and a little bit stocky. This is my type of men, I’ve never had other types of men”H., 31, said.

Some studies have shown that the use of the contraceptive pill alter our taste in men, and make us prefer more macho type of men. This would be a part of the explanation for this phenomenon, but not only. We always say that we look after a man who have our father-figure, or for the exact opposite. And when you ask women about it, some of them would corroborate this. “It’s true that the men I choose have similar characteristics than my dad” recognized Y., 32.

Of course, we aren’t all the same when it comes to our physical preference in a man. “I’ve dated different types of men: white, black, asian, redhead, fair, tall, short, muscular, thin, a little bit fat, I don’t care at all, as long as they are attractive”G., 29, said.

Besides, men too are sometimes attracted to the same type of women. One of my male friends has only dated short blondes so far.  It’s curious how some people make a fixing on a certain type of person of the opposite sex.

So, do your ex look all the same, or are they completely different from one another?


5 thoughts on “The collector

  1. whatigotsofar says:

    Short, dirty blonde, not to thin, hey whaddya know. They do all look the same. I don’t think I’ve noticed that before. Weird.

  2. For a while yes, they were somewhat similar – medium height, very slim, dark, bearded (x2) then a little shorter, sandy haired, still bearded (x1). Now, tall, dark, clean-shaven, cuddly and I love him more than I’ve ever loved another human being. But then we fell for each other sight unseen, a product of blogging 🙂

    I think for a while I acquired relationships the same way I was buying shoes – hey they fit, I don’t particularly like them, but if they fit I’ll take them (large wide feet, the result of growing up barefoot in the tropics).

    I found you via the Last Spartan 🙂

  3. WIGSF: you didn’t notice before? That’s weird.

    Hi Fiona!
    Haha. I love your metaphor with the shoes! That’s great you’ve found love thanks to blogging, and curious your man is the opposite of your ex. But obviously, that change has done you good 🙂
    Thanks for stopping by. Come back anytime.

  4. dontdatethatdude says:

    I have not dated men that look the same, but do tend towards guys who don’t look like my father, or younger looking men, but then again my past is sprinkled with losers! LOL!

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