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A close shave

Apparently, shaving is good for your health. And according to a research conducted by a famous manufacturer of razorblades, most women prefer men when they are clean shaven. I do admit I have to agree with this only for a practical reason: when he grows a beard for two or three days and tries to kiss you, if you have a sensitive skin like me, this is where the pain begins. On the other hand, I find men like these particularly attractive when they aren’t well groomed. For example, Geooooorge Clooney.

Or Dr.McDreamy

Or Ewan McGregor

Besides, when it comes to hair in other parts of the man’s body, women around me tend to prefer when there is hair. “I don’t like chests without hair, it looks like if I had a chippendale in front of me, and this is just not appealling to me” C., 34, said. “I don’t mind at all if he has hair or not. I had hairy men and bald ones, so this is definitely not a criteria of selection for me”H., 34, said. “I do like men with hairy chest, but not those with thick hair on their shoulders, legs,… in other words, I don’t particularly like the gorilla type of men” G., 30, said.

What G. said is quite typical among women: they accept a hairy chest but don’t like when there too much hair. This must explain why some men wear a white T-shirt under their white shirt so we can’t see through the thick carpet underneath, especially when their hair is dark.

So, here’s the question of the day, for women first: do you like hairy chest? And for men, would you consider waxing yourself if your hair were a problem?



16 thoughts on “A close shave

  1. whatigotsofar says:

    Is that Captain Caveman?

    I wouldn’t wax. Theoretically, if I had a ladyfriend who disliked my body hair and wanted me to do something about it, I would purposely find something wrong with her body and tell her to change it.

  2. Shae says:

    I adore a clean shaved man, but I’m not too crazy about the chest hair stuff. I love it even more when my man skips shaving during the weekend. *winks lots*

  3. Honestly, I could go either way. I don’t find either one revolting.

    Facial hair is sexy on the right man though.

    Back hair, on the other hand, that shit needs to go.

    So does nut hair. Come on guys, groom that nest down there, ok? Either shave it or trim it, just do SOMETHING!

  4. 😀

    I want to transcend my imperfect humanity and declare: ‘Would the presence or lack thereof of hair matter if you love someone?’, but I’d be lying to myself (and to you.)

    In reality, I like chest hair. I think it’s sensual and quite masculine. A wild shag carpet would take getting used to, but in the end, if I love the man, I’d deal with it. However, hair would require extra hygeine care, I think. I wouldn’t appreciate icky smelly chest hair.

    I don’t know. Maybe I would. Haha. Guys in this part of the globe rarely have chest hair. 😀

  5. I don’t really care. Especially if there’s a goody trail down the abdomen.

    I’ve dated some guys who shave below the belt to varying degrees and I find it obsessive, unattractive. I loathe how hair-conscious we are.

  6. Raindreamer says:

    For whatigotsofar – would you like you ladyfriend stop shaving /waxing her legs?? How is that different?

    I always think that waxing (or in my case epilating) legs and certain other areas is painful – but hey that is what they expect us…

  7. Hi free custom essays, why is it such a problem? Thanks for stopping by.

    DDTD, indeed, crazy hair is something not that appealing.

    WIGSF, it’s captain Caveman indeed. Raindreamer has reason on this: why do we accept men who aren’t well shave, while men would dish women with hair on their legs, armpits,… ? But I can understand why you don’t want to wax…

    Shae, you can handle the harshness of his beard? I can’t.

    Stiletto, there’s nothing worse than a hairy back and shoulders.

    Liz, welcome back!!! Guys in your part of the globe haven’t got hair chest? I guess they must wax themselves a lot, don’t they?

    Cricket, shaving below the belt???? Including the balls? It’s really curious. But when you know Philips has created a special electric razor for this special area…

    Raindreamer, it’s true that waxing is painful, and if you’re sensitive, you won’t adapt easily to the pain.

  8. Thanks! 🙂 No, not waxing. I think Asian males normally don’t grow chest hair. Maybe because of our generally warm climate, biologically they don’t need matting to keep warm.

  9. It’s not linked to the climate I think. Look at the Scandinavians and Russians, they aren’t that hairy. On the other hand, mediterranean males do. Maybe it’s a question of genes, I don’t know how to explain that, Liz 😀

  10. Smooth1 says:

    If my lover wanted me to wax and or shave some or all of my body, I would. And shaving nights would be special.

  11. Jill says:

    I think that guys should shave of trim below the blet for sure, if they want us to do it and are repulsed by us not shaving then they should have to also.
    And if a guy refuses after you asking him nicely, stop shaving yourself, I’m sure after a few days or even a week he’ll see it your way 😉

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