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Those first steps I can’t calculate

Charming but single wrote a funny little post about failing to get noticed by the object of her desire. We all got involved in such a situation where we try to catch the attention of the one we fancy or simply indicate him/her our feelings for him/her. Some people manage to do this with a certain class, while others just simply put themselves in a ridiculous position and can end up with a failure. I asked around me what were the most embarrassing/craziest/ silliest thing people have ever done to get noticed by the one they like or to tell him/her about their feelings, and it went something like this.

“I met this journalist in a press trip in Finland and immediately fell in love with him. Unfortunately, we talked to each other just two hours before he was traveling back to London. I knew that he was specialized in pension funds and investments, so I asked my boss to cover that subject to be able to see him again. However, not only this topics weren’t my cup of tea, but also I never got the occasion to see him again. I’ve met instead tons of boring pension fund managers. I had to ask my chief editor to switch again for another topic, but she didn’t understand my motivation at all, and refused. So, here I am, stuck with a stupid and boring topic” J., 29, said.

I spotted him in a bar where he had his habits, so I decided to make this spot my new one and forced my girlfriends to accompany me. I don’t wear skirts in general, but I switched my pants for some mini skirts that were everything but comfortable for me. I hoped he would noticed me if I was sexy. But the problem was I had to go to the bathroom, and when I came back to the bar where he was and ordered a drink,  suddenly, I heard everyone laughing behind my back. One of my friends rushed to me at the bar and told me that my skirt was stuck in my thong and that everyone could see my ass. By the time I realized this, he just left the bar, and I was so embarrassed by this incident that I didn’t want to get back to this bar again” L., 34, said.

Many years ago, I sent him an anonymous letter with just the lyrics of my favorite song. He never knew who sent that to him” M., 35, said.

“I spotted him in a club, but as shy as I am, I never had the gut to approach him. So, to give me some courage, I just sipped a few drinks. I was so drunk that when I approached him, I just vomited on his shoes. But the worse was when 5 seconds later, his girlfriend arrived next to him and they left. I felt so ridiculous” P., 35, said.

When I was in high school, I wrote my name, my phone number and his name on the wall of the men’s room. He never called me, but I received tons of phone calls from other dudes I never heard of. I had to change my phone number”U., 30, said.

I followed him like a lost puppy everywhere he went. I always managed to know where he was going to make sure he saw me in those places, but he just told me to stop following him because he was a little bit scared of this stalking. I felt like an idiot”F., 32, said.

There are do’s and don’t when it comes to catch the attention of the one you fancy, but it really depends on how the other will react. Remember that some people would find it sweet to be stalked, while other would just flip out. And if mini-skirts and big cleavages aren’t the clothes you affectionate on a regular basis, well, try to stay natural. Besides, you wouldn’t want him to think you’re a slut if you’re not by dressing like a ho.

So, have you ever done something silly to get the attention of the one you fancy?



5 thoughts on “Those first steps I can’t calculate

  1. whatigotsofar says:

    I tried to but my friends talked me out of it. I wanted to ask a young lady for her number in bar and write it down on a hundred dollar bill. I asked my friends for a pen because I didn’t have one and one asked why I didn’t just put it write on my cellphone. I explained the hundred dollar bill idea and got scolded. So I used the cellphone idea but still got a bum number. I should have used the hundred dollar bill thing. Last time I envolve my friends in the how-to-get-a-girls-number strategizing.

  2. dontdatethatdude says:

    I have never done anything, except ask a friend for an introduction. I love the stories you posted. Really made me laugh especially the poor girl with the thong! Well the one who threw-up was pretty intense too….ugh!

  3. WIGSF, never listen to your friends for that matter. I’ve noticed that their advices can be ten times worse than if you had acted on your own.

    DDTD, thank you. The poor girl with the thong has now banned mini-skirts forever in her wardrobe.

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