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The day after Christmas


Not satisfied by your Christmas gifts? Well, don’t try what this woman did.

A recent European study showed that men don’t satisfy in general their woman’s expectations in gifts. While women wish they would receive jewelry, clothes, cosmetics and perfume, they will get from their partner CD, videos, DVD and books.  Well, at least this is still acceptable. I still remember once, during the frenzy of the Christmas  shopping, that guy who bought a Swiffer sweeper for his wife (I hope it was for his wife, not for his mistress) and asked to have his  wonderful gift wrapped.  Maybe his wife has asked for that present, I  don’t know. But personally, I wouldn’t never ask that for Christmas to my man (nor for my birthday or for Valentine’s Day).

Most of the women I know tell me they have a strategy for their Christmas gifts with their man. “Generally, two weeks before Christmas, I just lay on the kitchen table some magazines in which I just highlighted the things that I fancy.  I ‘ve never been disappointed by his Christmas gift so far” P., 34, said. “I don’t make a list of what I want, I just make a list of what I absolutely don’t want. It goes from all the things that reminds me of the household chores like a vacuum cleaner or a pressure iron to the unpleasant things that reminds you you’re getting fat, old, or hairy. An example? Wrinkle cream, hair removal products, or a voucher for a slimming treatment at the beauty saloon” T., 29, said.

This works if you’re involved in a relationship for a while with your partner. But when it’s the first Christmas you spend together, this is where it gets tricky, because you don’t necessarily know each other very well at that stage. “We started dating only one month before Christmas, so we didn’t know what to offer to each other. He bought me a bra and its coordinated panties, but he got the size wrong: the bra was too small, the panties were too big. And also, he bought a lace bra, something I can’t stand because it makes me itch”O., 31, said. “He knew I like reading books, so he bought me the latest book of Tom Clancy. It’s too bad it wasn’t my kind of literature”L., 30, said.

So, have you ever been disappointed by the gift your partner gave to you?


5 thoughts on “The day after Christmas

  1. dontdatethatdude says:

    I have been disappointed with gifts, especially jewelry I was given, unless I picked it out myself, but I felt very awkward saying I didn’t like it so I would thank him and then never wear it, which I think is worse. I am usually very direct in what I ask for to prevent this happening!

  2. Herpes? Geez, that’s a nice gift, drunk american. I had an awesome Christmas, I hope yours wasn’t that bad away from the country and your family.

    DDTD, I have a friend who has an even better solution: go and fetch the gifts for himself. He’s never disappointed!

  3. ddtd, I concur. I loathe the ‘gift of the season’ jewelry propaganda on TV commercials that guys actually fall for. See, the ones in the commercials are 4 carots and one can see that they’re diamonds. The ones the guys buy are cheap, miniscule immitations and fail in comparison. And they reek of unimaginative couch potatoness and impressionability.

    I also hate other kinds of lazy gifts. One year, I tore out a book review from the newspaper and told my finance that it would make a great gift for me for Xmas. A few weeks later, he asked me the book’s name again. Then for Xmas, I got a gift card, b/c he was too lazy to seek out the right book, a best seller on the front rack of the store. He obviously didn’t care about pursuing/developing/sharing my interests and I do not like a gift to cause me work when I thought I did the work up front.

    I’m easy to buy for if people just listen.

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