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No more running away

So, this is the end of the year. Generally, it’s the time where everyone makes his resolutions for the year to come. Those resolutions just give us a good conscience, because we don’t follow them. One of my friends promised she would quit smoking last year, and she only gave up cigarettes during two months, only to start again smoking with a vengeance. OK, for her, this year was a little bit tough, on a personal and sentimental level.

When you make such resolutions in the beginning of the year, you can’t predict what will happen to you in the coming months. For example, if you decided to be more friendly with everyone, but during the year, you had to endure a failure or the death of someone you really love, it’s difficult to stick to that resolution.

Still, there are resolutions that are possible to follow, no matter how you will feel in the coming months. For example, stopping wasting time with toxic people: the so-called friend who only calls you when she/he has something to ask to you or when he/she needs to talk about his/her problems, the lover that just finds you useful, the pretender that is only interested in you because of your wealth or your professional contacts, …

Is there one resolution you know you will  be able to follow ?



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