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The best things in life are free…

DDTD wants to know six unimportant things about me. OK, here we go.

  1. My favorite movie when I was a kid was the Three Caballeros. No other child in my school or my neighborhood knew this movie, and one even pretended it didn’t exist, that is was just my imagination. Idiot. There was one character that particularly intrigued me: the aracuan

    And also, the cold-blooded penguin named Pablo

  2. I need an addition to my ipod
  3. If I wasn’t a journalist, I would take care of baby orangutans in Indonesia. Boycott palm oil!!!!!
    baby orangutan
  4. I don’ t like coffee as a drink but if it’s an ingredient in a dessert recipe (in the tiramisu for example), it will do.
    Gosh, I’m hungry now.
  5. I was a big fan of the New Kids On The Block when I was eleven. Here’s their masterpiece.

    Luckily, we don’t hear them anymore. Let’s hope they won’t reunite like the Spice Girls.
  6. I’m a chocoholic, and a sweet tooth, for the happiness of my dentist.

So, my task is done. I have to pass the tag to six other people now. WIGSF, whoknowswhy, Raindreamer, Stiletto, WishBoNe and Axinia, what are the unimportant things about you?


16 thoughts on “The best things in life are free…

  1. dontdatethatdude says:

    This is great! I had never heard of the movie before you posted this, so I learned about that too. The ipod extension, marvelous, now I no longer want the ipod bra, I want that! I understand the orangutan attraction, since I have that monkey thing going on myself, New Kids attraction not so much! I only really like chocolate once a month and hate the dentist all year long! Thanks for posting this!

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  3. WIGSF, yes it is.

    DDTD, you’re welcome 😀 For the ipod extension, I wonder what kind of music would be more suitable. You won’t get the same effect with classic music and heavy metal, I suppose.

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  5. Raindreamer says:

    I remember New Kids, although I was not a big fan. I’ve seen a document about those orangutangs and also of chimpansee and elephant orphans. All are so lovely.

    I did this meme too…

  6. hallo, modobs!
    I just by chance foudn out that you tagged me for that meme – unfortunately I never got a ping back 😦

    I wrote already once about 7 things on me, and would not like to repeat… but thanks anyway!

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