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Silent nights

I read an article once about the difficulties couples have to sleep well. In the article, an ethnologist  mentioned the fact that with divorces, break up and celibacy, we take more and more little habits on our own in the bedroom, and that it becomes harder to share your bed with someone else.

For sure, when you got used to sleep on your own for a long time, it’s difficult to adapt to sharing your bed with the person you decided to live with, or even a one night stand. This has indeed a lot of inconveniences. People can snore, wriggle, take all the blanket for themselves, roll over to your side and push you off the bed, take all the place, talk, … “Basically, our bed is his desk too.  He reads, he writes notes, listens to his music,… and this bothers me a lot” Y., 32, said. “Once, I had a lover who bit me in his sleep. I don’t know what he was dreaming about, but he left a mark that took three days to vanish” I., 30, said. “All the men I have had so far snored. Many were also moving constantly in the bed, and I had to kick them to chase them from my side of the bed. Once, I kicked so hard that he had a bruise on his leg”H., 34, said.

When the person you share your bed with is only temporary in your life, this kind of problems disappears when you break up. But when it’s serious, well, some find a solution. “Sometimes, I can’t stand his snoring anymore and I just go sleeping in the couch” M., 41, said. “I can stand his snoring, but I can’t stand his habit of constantly rolling in my side of the bed. Once, he pushed me out of the bed. I decided to sleep on his side left vacant” O., 35, said. Besides, in Germany, they find a solution to the blanket problem. I still remember the first time I spent in Frankfurt, when I had a double bedroom. On the bed laid two blankets, you don’t have to share a common one. Apparently, this is quite common in the country.

Unfortunately for the snoring, there are no efficient solutions, except separate bedrooms. “I’ve tried everything from the bandage to the nasal spray supposed to expand the sinus, but nothing has worked so far”J.,34, said.

According to statistics, snoring is a frequent subject of quarrel between couples. This is why some choose not to share the same bed, or to live together.

So, do you mind if your companion snores? What’s worse between wriggling and snoring? And do you considerate sleeping in separate bedrooms?



8 thoughts on “Silent nights

  1. dontdatethatdude says:

    If I am already asleep I never hear the snoring, but I cannot go to sleep while it is happening, so I would try to go to sleep first. I think snoring is worse, but also fascinating. I have watched and listened to partners. Sometimes if I would get them to turn on their side it would stop! Separate bedrooms is the last thing I would consider!

  2. Snoring is a prime symptom of sleep apnea, something that should be dianosed and treated. I am the snorer around here and I would be mortified if I were booted out of my own bed. If it came to it, though, I would get the sleep apnea face mask to sleep in, unattractive as it is. Right now, I am not treating mine by choice.

  3. Cricket, even though snoring is a big subject of dispute, many people tolerate it. Besides, if it’s not snoring, there are other habits that can annoy you.

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