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The fantastic four

One of my friends sent me a meme consisting in answering those questions below. It was due for over two months, so here it is.

  1. Four jobs I had in my life:
    1. banker
    2. journalist
    3. TV assistant
    4. Camp monitor
  2. Four films I could watch over and over again
    • Chungking Express
    • Amelie
    • Brazil
    • The pillow book
  3. Four places where I lived
    • Brussels
    • San Francisco
    • Manila
    • Namur
  4. Four TV shows that I watch
    • Grey’s anatomy
    • Sex and the City
    • CSI
    • House
  5. Four places where I went on vacation
    • Firenze
    • Chamonix
    • Zurich
    • New York
  6. Four internet sites I always visit
  7. Four dishes/food I couldn’t eat
    • cucumber
    • guts, feet, tongues,…
    • fennel
    • Bergamote tea
  8. Four dishes that I like
    • cookies
    • spaghetti alla bolognese
    • risotto
    • sushi
  9. Four places where I want to be right now
    • London (where someone I really miss lives)
    • Dublin
    • Paris
    • Near my man
  10. Four people that will take this tag

→ whoever wants to take this meme


5 thoughts on “The fantastic four

  1. whatigotsofar says:

    Its something I heard on TV last night and it really struck a chord with me. Do Canadians not eat sushi? No, there are many sushi places in Canada. You’ll just never catch me in one.

  2. whoknowswhy says:

    London! It may not be me but I’m just going to assume and remain in my happy bubble. 🙂

    “guts/feet/tongue” of what? this bit is a joke, right?

  3. WISGF, you’re not into raw fish, I can understand.

    wkw, remain in your happy bubble. It could include you. I should say there are more than one person I miss living in London 🙂 Guts/feet/tongue of anything. I’was once invited in a restaurant specialized in tripe and giblets, it was horrible…

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