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Length of love

Valentine’s Day is slowly approaching, and I’ve noticed everyone around me is starting to choose his camp, between the allergic-to-starry-eyed-couples and the ones who will celebrate this event. I must say that I don’t like all those obvious signs of love during this period of the year, and that it is purely artificial. But each of us has his own opinion about the question, so let’s close the chapter here.

Since I’m in a jolly mood right now, I’ve asked around me what is the sweetest/ most touching  declaration they’ve ever received, and it was truly heart warming (even for me, that is not that romantic) for some of them. It goes like this.

I’ve been looking for you for 30 years, 3 months, 2 days, 3 hours, 34 minutes, 56 seconds  L., 31, said. “He wrote that on my mirror after the first night we spent together” she added.

You’re the only one that can handle me”  G. 32, said.

I was a total jerk with you. Give me another chance, I won’t make the same mistakes again” T., 32, said. “And he kept his promises“.

It’s not a declaration, but I received once a box full of candies in my office. I still don’t know who sent it, but it was really, really sweet” H., 35, said.

Please, stay” B., 29. “It was the first night we spent together, and after a disastrous evening at his apartment, I was about to leave, but he withheld me with with those two  simple words” she added.

Let me clear you debts. I don’t ask for anything back, except your love” F., 37, said. “I was in a really, really delicate financial  situations when I met him” she added.

You make a better man out of me” G., 31, said.

You make me happy”I., 30, said.

“He wrote a beautiful song for me” M., 34, said.

What makes those simple sentences so special? According to the women who answered to this question, it really depends on the sincerity of their man, but also, on how deep it is for them. “If he says that all the time with ease, it doesn’t count. I really appreciate what he said to me because I knew how hard it was for him to pronounce those words. It was an effort for him, and it had more impact on me than if he used to say frequently” G. told me.

Circumstances play also an important role, as B. proved. If there’s a bit of drama involved, simple words can take a completely different meaning and be more powerful.

Besides, maybe this is an explanation for the success musicians have on women.

So, what are the words that could melt your heart? And what are those that make you run away?


8 thoughts on “Length of love

  1. whatigotsofar says:

    “Now lets get some barbecue and get busy!”
    If a woman ever said that to me, she’d own me. Sounds silly, but its true. Basically, it speaks to the carnal urges, food and sex. Another good one: “Stereo on, pants off, NOW!” Why mince words right? Just get to the point. None of this “Love means never having to say your sorry,” BS for me.

  2. “I missed you today.” and “I love you”

    This was after a quarrel when we didn’t contact each other as usual via text messages. The latter part wasn’t said often and that’s when I cried.

  3. WIGSF, men are more pragmatic than women on this. I know that “let’s drink a beer” also works very well with the opposite sex.

    WishBoNe, if this isn’t said often, it has more power, isn’t it?

  4. dontdatethatdude says:

    Words don’t impress me that much. I like consistent actions. I think when someone shows their love it it is more important. In fact too much corny lovey stuff can drive me away!

  5. I agree with dontdatethatdude. Actions definitely speak louder.

    One thing I didn’t like (and voiced it) was being called “angel.” First, I’m not religious and, second, it had a savior quality to it. He felt it so strongly, though, he would say it periodically, that I was his angel.

    I don’t like words that are needy.

  6. DDTD, words are meaningless if there’s no action behind.

    Cricket, it depends on the action. And for the words, it depends who’s saying those. It won’t have the same strength from one particular person to another.

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