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I would do anything for love…

… but I won’t do that (and certainly not with Meatloaf)

 Depending on how inhibited we are, there are things we won’t accept when it comes to sex. I still remember, when I was younger, a pajama party I had with other girls of my classroom, we did a test we found in a magazine about sex, and my surprise when the so-called slut of my school told us she found oral sex utterly disgusting and that she didn’t like it when she was taken from behind. The other girls were just offended by every question in the test. Now, more than ten years later, I bet some of them have changed their view a little about sex.  But now we’ve grown up, there are still some sexual practices we don’t do.

“He asked me to accept some of his fantasies, like massaging him naked or dressing like a nurse when we made love. But once, he asked me to use a pelvic toy to penetrate him, and that was too much for me to handle. I left him” B., 32, said.

I could have accepted a threesome with another man, but not with another woman. And he didn’t agree at all with me on this, so we split” K., 31, said.

Anything that is associated with swinging or sadism and masochism is a turn off for me” J., 30, said.

I can accept a lot of things, but once, I had a lover who asked me to pee and shit on him. That’s a definite no-no” P.,35, said.

I don’t like oral sex on me. I find that just disgusting. But curiously, I don’t mind sodomy” L., 36, said.

I must say that I don’t like a lot of things when it comes to sex. I don’t want to try a lot of things, that include swinging, BDSM, scatology, threesome, … I don’t like the animal side of all of these”H., 31, said.

So, if your partner asked you a sexual favour you’re totally against, would it be a turn off?


11 thoughts on “I would do anything for love…

  1. whatigotsofar says:

    I’m a pretty old fashioned guy. If a woman asked for something I thought was outside of my bounds, there would be a WIGSF shaped hole in the wall.

    A friend of mine said something very wise about why he won’t let a woman give him oral sex: “That’s the mouth she would use to give my children a kiss goodnight.”

    And this post is going to get a whole heap of search engine hits.

  2. I think it depends on how adept you are at communicating sensitively when your partner is suggesting something that turns you completely off. In the past I have found that being as honest as possible helps but if becomes a real sticking point and no compromise can be reached then the end result would probably mean a split.

  3. Hi spanknsparkle,
    Poo and animals are indeed disgusting. Thanks for stopping by.

    WIGSF, haha. I haven’t noticed anything strange yet in my search engine terms.

    Stardust, even in sex, there are things that need some compromise. You’re right about being as honest as possible on this matter.

  4. I dated a guy who wouldn’t let me get on top, something pretty basic to me and my favorite position, something I communicated. I could not stand sex with him if it was always his way, a big reason I broke off with him.

    I had another guy who was a human jackhammer, way too fast. When I finally convinced him to slow it down, he was a much better lover – for me, anyway.

    I dated one (ADHD) guy who changed positions every 15 seconds and I could never get my groove. Another loved to stay on bottom and let me do my thing. That one was perfect.

    The jackhammer guy loved to get hickeys, ones done on purpose to his neck. They brought him to orgasm. I tried it, but was too embarrassed in public if they sneaked a peak, so I had to stop.

  5. Absolutely refused to give/receive hickeys on obvious places. Neither would I do oral.

    While the thought of bondage may sound stimulating, doing it actually is different from having sexual fantasies. OK, hopefully these words would bring in more traffic from the search engines 😀

  6. Cricket, ah, hickeys! One of my colleagues came one morning with a huge one on his neck and we couldn’t stop laughing at him. That’s why I try to avoid that, or at least, choose winter to do it to have the opportunity to wear a turtleneck.

    WishBoNe, indeed, having sexual fantasies is one thing, realizing those are another. And you can get disappointed by the reality. For the search engines, maybe if we try the combination emo bondage, it will work 🙂

  7. dontdatethatdude says:

    I’m good with “straight” sex, and am way open to fulfilling another person’s fantasies, but no way will I get involved in a 3-some of any kind. A good friend of mine once told me, if you have to do it, never do it with someone you love. I also would not defecate or urinate on someone and would not allow it to be done to me. If a person asked me for this I would have serious issues with the relationship because I have found if someone has a sexual preference they cannot enjoy intimacy without it, even if they say they can, and that request would be a big turn off for me.

  8. DDTD, indeed, with the threesome, it’s a better idea to do it with total strangers, so you can forget about it. For the urinating/defecating thing, I think you’ve got to be a real pervert to accept that. Especially if this is a condition to have sex with the one who ask for that.

  9. LOL.. oh my– at 50, i am finally free of all those fears and freak outs– and have some of the best most mind blowing sex on the planet.
    No more judgements— cause what anyone wants is kinky or sick to someone else— and having your deepest most intimate needs broken by someone else is really sad.
    i hang with a crowd that allows each of us to try what we want, and if someone has a hard limit (no scat, pets, etc..) that’s fine— there are so MANY other things to do with a person that there is no one single thing that has to be mandatory… but damn, sensory passion, attention, respect, and being able to LET GO of all those taboo bs fear based things from childhood …

    Life is good… and the men in my life have made it perfect.

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