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Sad eyes never lie

Tears have a power of seduction we can’t imagine. It can break the hollow between two people who have trouble making a connection. It awakens the savior in us. It makes us more human. But it also makes us vulnerable.

I’ve met some people who told me their relationship started when they were crying. I’ve met some men who told me they find a woman crying really sexy (depending on how attractive is the woman, though). Some women too find men shedding a tear particularly sexy, or heart breaking at least.

U. was one of my friends who lent me his shoulder to cry on when I got dumped by my ex. After a little period of mourning, I realized that U. was really really caring with me and once, after we had a night out of town with a bunch of friends and got too drunk, he kissed me. He said that my sorrow just melted his heart and that he was glad I opened up to him. We started dating after that” K., 34, said.

I met my husband while I was crying. I just got fired from my company and bursted into tears when I was waiting for my bus. He came to me and offered to dry my sorrow by inviting me to take a drink with him” H., 35, said.

G. and I couldn’t stand each other at work, until one day, I could hardly hold on my tears because I learned that my father passed away. He came to my desk because he had something unpleasant again to say to me, but when he saw my red eyes, he just changed his attitude. Shortly after, we started dating” P., 31, said.

“I didn’t find F. particularly attractive, until one day, I saw him fighting to hold his tears. I ended up by yielding to his advances, because of that”T., 31, said.

However, crying won’t necessarily help you winning the heart of the object of your affection. It depends if he/she’s touched by that, or not. Some people will find that childish and immature to expose your feelings like that, some people will run away because they fear they have in front of them a cry baby or a depressive person. A friend of mine recently told me that one of her ex’s dumped her because she wasn’t strong enough. “I must say I shed easily a tear, but I’m not a cry baby. He dumped me while I was crying over a bridge I didn’t want to cross. I’m afraid of heights” she told me.

So, have you ever seduced the opposite sex with your tears? And do you find that attractive?


2 thoughts on “Sad eyes never lie

  1. dontdatethatdude says:

    I have not seduced someone with my tears or if I did I didn’t know it. I do find a man who can cry openly endearing. My X used to cry for sad movies so I knew he had feelings other than rage…;)

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