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Everything counts

I mentioned in a previous post I almost slept with my ex-best friend. The reason why I withheld sex with him was just that my legs were approximately shaved on that particular night, and when I think about it, this little embarrassing detail had saved me from a bigger disaster. My ex-friend used to comment a lot on his conquests about for instance how bad they kissed,… So, I gave him almost no material at all to criticize me (at least I thought so). I’m pretty sure he would have noticed this detail and could have laughed about it with his male friends. Later, I learned that he was bashing me behind my back for other things.

One of my friends told me she had also a weird reason not to sleep with a guy she fancied, but she couldn’t trust. “All my panties were dirty on that day, and I had to find the most worn out panties in the back of my closet, I couldn’t go commando. The thought of him seeing my old underwear just turned me off. And I was glad I didn’t yield to his advances, because I learned three days later he was seeing an other woman at that time” she said. “My grand ma used to tell me to always wear my nicest lingerie. You never know if you have an accident and if a fireman has to cut your clothes to reach your injury. But there, I was really glad I didn’t follow her advice” she added.

Sometimes, it’s even our body that puts brakes on us. “I woke up with a huge rash on my face the day I was supposed to go to the restaurant with a guy I met in a bar. I tried everything to conceal this horror, but nothing worked. So, I just canceled the dinner with him. And I learned later that he was married” L., 34, said. “I try to avoid any date whenever I reach my P.M.S because once, I cried for no reason during a dinner in front of my date, and it was the most embarrassing moment of my life. Luckily, I didn’t like him that much. He was boring. My emotions scared him a little, so we decided just to remain “friends”” B., 29, said.

These little details can save us from a disastrous relationship, but unfortunately, they can also kill a promising one in its shell. Imagine if you don’t want to go out with a great guy because you have your period/ you have a rash on your face/ your underwear suck. This is how you can miss a great opportunity. On the other hand, these details could be a good reason not to sleep with a man on the first night. One of my friends explained once she never puts her finest lingerie and doesn’t shave her legs on the first date with a man so she’s sure she won’t sleep with him on the first night. That’s a great idea, but it means that you can’t wear a skirt on your first date, then.

So, have you ever had shallow reasons not to sleep with someone/ accept a date with him/her? And for the men reading this, do you bother about little details like shaved legs, proper panties, rash,…?


4 thoughts on “Everything counts

  1. dontdatethatdude says:

    If I really wanted to sleep with the person I would find some way to get around the bad panty thing, by making light of it. My legs are always shaved so I don’t have to worry about that :). I think the only thing that would stop me is my time of the month. But I would never sleep with someone on the first date or the first meeting regardless of my attraction to them.

  2. whatigotsofar says:

    Unshaven legs and grandma panties are okay if we’re getting action from a situation that wouldn’t normally lead to sex. If I pick up some woman at a party/bar/club, I expect a proper appearance. Unexpected Tuesday afternoon sex, that’s different. White cotton panties and leg stubble is expected.

    A rash down there though, that’s the immediate turnoff. Anything that may be a contageous, get that the eff away from me!

  3. WIGSF, in my case, it wasn’t planned at all. Otherwise, I would have made an effort.
    Allergic to rash? OK, that would explain why cosmetics have still a growing potential…

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