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Bizarre love triangle

 Recently, one of my friends told me she went to a party where she got kissed by a guy she knows a little bit because he’s her roommate’s friend. In fact, he’s a little more than that to her friend, because she sleeps with him. “She’s seeing him but he’s with another woman that just keeps on playing with his heart. It’s been two years now she’s dating him, hoping he will dump the other woman for her, and I see her really desperate about this situation, although I have the impression he’s fooling her. She thinks he’s unhappy and wishing for something that will never happen with the other one, but he’s just using her to fill the gap the other leaves each time she’s not in his apartment with him. I feel so sad for her, because I know he’s not true to her” she explained.

It’s never easy, when you’re stuck in a love triangle, to be left secondary feels. But hope (and the other’s lies) help us not to think too much about this and to live for the experience of it. But how can we end up in a love triangle like that?

I started dating S. when my ex came back into my life. We ended up seeing each other again, even if I didn’t broke up with S. I couldn’t do that. I was in love with both of them, and it was impossible to choose from one another. My ex was aware I had someone in my life, and that didn’t bother him. But S. didn’t know about all of this. This love triangle lasted six months, until S. discovered everything and left me.  My ex also met another woman two weeks later, and he left me also. I was devastated” explained G., 34.

I knew he was married, but he said their marriage were on the rocks, so I had the hope he would divorce soon. But he never did, and instead, I had to share him with his wife and his family. He wasn’t available that much for me, and I ended up leaving him because I had enough” K., 40, said.

For a reason, some people choose to ignore important details about the object of their affection like for instance they are involved in a relationship or themselves are committed in a relationship. It happens because either we fear commitment, or because we’re lost in our feelings. In the last case, this is where you can end up with a severe broken heart.

Have you ever been in a love triangle like that? And how did it happen?


11 thoughts on “Bizarre love triangle

  1. dontdatethatdude says:

    I have found that in my personal life the guy always finds someone else first, before I know it and then when they are assured the relationship is going to work I find out about it, but just a little, so I guess I have been involved by default, but always ended it when I knew about the other woman. I would not “knowingly” get involved with someone who is already in a relationship, even if I truly believed they would end up with me. I disrespect people who do this and do not want to be with someone I don’t respect…plus if they could do it to someone else they could also do it with me, so I would never trust them 100% and trust is key! :0

  2. DDTD, of course, it really sucks to be cheated on. But in the case of my friend’s friend, I can’t disrespect her. I don’t want to judge her because she’s dating a guy who’s taken. The guy plays a huge responsability in this situation too. I just hope she will open her eyes. We can be so naive sometimes.
    Yet, I’ll be pissed if she was doing this with my man.

  3. I feel that no person should play with other’s feelings. Why involve with other if are already in one? Neither should anyone encourage feelings of another person if he/she doesn’t have any. Nor should one involve in a person already in a relationship. None should play a part in breaking one. Loyalty and trust cannot be compromised for a healthy relationship. That’s all from what I have seen going on with my friends, I am my own friend too 🙂

    I found that, after a point, it is difficult for a man and woman to be just friends. It arouses feelings in one for the another only to be left broken hearted. One should probably play smart by clearing their positions. Its a win-win situation. Though Love and emotions are difficult to be controlled, one can try to not arouse them in the least.

    I am just orthodox about these things and would want loyalty and trust on the top.

  4. Shefali, you’re such a strong person :). In a ideal world, we should all behave like that. But unfortunately, love and emotions are difficult to be controlled, as you said.

  5. Stardust says:

    I have luckily never been involved in a triangle. I feel it would be so painful…and I agree with Shefali we must love ourselves more and expect that in our relationships we would be receiving the right trust, honesty, devotion and love that we should be deserving. I think we only take second best because deep down thats what we think we deserve.

  6. Stardust, being involved in a triangle can be painful, but it depends on what you hope for in such a relationship. We deserve to be receiving the right trust, love,…

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  8. Flashing Lights says:

    People who do get involved love triangles is not because they subconsciously think they deserve second best. Let’s be realistic, who thinks they “deserve” second best?

    Many times people are fooled and led on. Feelings and emotions take the best of people. It becomes a matter of following your heart and expectations that have been put on the table for you, and logic is thrown out the window. That person becomes the “one” and we may not want to let go of that.

    However, do we really want that person to be the “one”? If all they’re doing is being the one who makes you cry, lose sleep, be angry, etc…

    In situations like these, nobody has the right to being judgmental. Alright, my goody-two-shoes out there.

  9. Hi Flashing lights,

    I don’t judge those who fall into the trap of their emotions. It’s true that these can take over us and push us to get fooled.

    Thanks for stopping by.

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