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You got served

What do you do when you were cheated on? Do you choose dignity or revenge? Obviously, these women chose the second option.






Revenge can be so good…

One of my colleagues experienced the humiliation of seeing his future ex-wife dropping all his clothes in the parking lot of our company. This is still a subject of conversation in my newsroom, even if it happened almost 10 years from now.

Besides, some unfaithful women can get served like that. One of my friends’ cousin got uncovered by her man. He was so pissed that he threw all her belongings through the window and painted a huge SLUT on her car.

So, if you were cheated on, would you take your revenge like that?


14 thoughts on “You got served

  1. On a few message boards, there are doubts about the authenticity of the billboard. Some claim it to be a photoshopped viral image, some claim it was actually to promote some divorce TV show. Others say that Emily really wasted a shitload of cash. I’m with the latter. Still, it is amusing.

  2. whatigotsofar says:

    B A S T A R D.

    Okay, I feel better now.

    If some woman cheated on me, I wouldn’t let her know that I know. I slowly take revenge through a long series of small acts. The following is a list of things I would do if the opportunity presented itself:
    – stick an old sandwich underneath her car seat so it would spoil and smell over time
    – draw pictures on her back while she sleeps
    – slowly hide one of each of her pairs of shoes, socks, stockings, earrings so that she would eventually have no matching articles whatsoever
    – take every cap from every bottle or jar in her fridge
    – leave her freezer door open at night or when shes at work so that the motor dies and everything melts
    – make long distance phone calls from her line and never hangup the phone
    – stick a red hat into her white laundry
    – turn off her hot water heater
    – turn off her furnace in the winter and her air conditioner in the summer
    – email bomb her
    – change the passwords on her computer
    – get her name on all kinds of solicitation lists
    – clog her shower drain
    – put a dirty liquid into her toilet tank
    – hide all her remote controls
    – crank call her at work and in the middle of the night from payphones
    – leave her car windows open in the rain
    – Saran (cling) wrap on the bottom of the toilet seat
    – release mice in her home

  3. Qelqoth, I have also a little doubt about the veracity of the message board.

    Hi youirkme! There’s nothing more painful to hit a man where he hurt the most, isn’t it? Thanks for stopping by.

    WIGSF, you have such patience. And what if she actually like mice?

  4. dontdatethatdude says:

    I have thought about this a lot and although I have always wanted to do something spiteful, I never wanted to spend the money or the time or deal with the police. The men I have been with would not lie down for this kind of action, so I never wanted to deal with the ramifications of my actions. I also believe that leaving them is the best revenge because it serves you. Eventually people will find out about him especially the woman he cheated with!

  5. DDTD, of course, doing this will cost you time and sometimes money (although the one with the message board, if it’s true, is quite clever). But the best revenge, I think, is when his other chick dumps his ass for another guy. What goes around comes around…

    WIGSF, yes, mice aren’t associated with hygiene.

  6. Shae says:

    That’s freaking awesome! This post is my utmost favorite now because it made me laugh so hard. Thank you, Modobs. XD

  7. Raindreamer says:

    While this definately makes me laught – I could never manage anything that short. I wish – but I could not.

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