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I was made for loving you…

… you were made for loving me

Once, with my friends, we established a list of the men who are likely to get laid a lot, and also the ones who will break your heart because they have too much temptations around them. Here it is.

1) The musician.

Gene Simmons Lemmy Kilmister

These two men have slept with thousands of women. And no, they weren’t desperate. In a biography of Lemmy, I read that girls were already flocking around him when he played guitar in school. For Gene Simmons, maybe you probably watched this video circulating  on the Internet where he’s banging a Swedish model. When they become famous (and even if they’re not, believe me, go to a classical concert and you will see), they have tons of groupies who dream only about sleeping with them. For the DJ, it’s the same thing. One of my friends dated a DJ once, and she was mad at him all the time because he gets all the ladies’ attention when he’s mixing. She left him because she found out he cheated on her on many occasions.

2) The teacher

In my high school, the only teacher who wasn’t a priest was the gym teacher, and he was rumored to choose each year a student in her last year to do some gym with him. He was athletic and quite good-looking, and had girls flocking around him all the time. When you think about it, it’s the best job to get laid: you get to renew your supply of female students each year, and you get only young chicks (or the hot female teacher). One of my male friends, who’s a teacher, told me he finds it really hard to stay composed when he sees all the young and beautiful in his class.

3) The doctor.

One of my friends, who’s a nurse, told me about this story. There was a handsome surgeon in the hospital she worked for that was known to be a true Casanova. He was married, but  he used to flirt a lot with his nurses and his female patients. He had a huge turnover of women in his life. His wife was too busy working for a NGO abroad to notice anything.

4) The politician.

Bill Clinton

The episode of the cigar and the intern in the White House is notorious for this man, who is also known for having a long list of mistresses. Politicians have a huge power of seduction on some women because they have the power. They also have their groupies, like a rock star.

Of course, not all musicians, doctors, teachers, politicians are like that. But if they’re a seducer in their soul, these jobs are a good source of opportunity for them.

So, would you date one of these guys? Or for the men reading this, do you envy them?


9 thoughts on “I was made for loving you…

  1. whatigotsofar says:

    I don’t envy musicians. They sleeping with junkies and groupies and airhead models.
    I don’t envy teachers because they’re only successul with young or underage women with some sort of father issues.
    I don’t envy doctors because sure, they can get women, but they don’t have the time to do anything with them. They work long hours and are probably too tuckered out to actually enjoy the woman’s company.
    I don’t envy politicians because they will get critisized unfairly for their on the job performance if their sexual daliances are exposed to the public.
    I envy the rich guy who didn’t actually earn the money, it was given to him by mommy and daddy along with a well-paying job and thusly, doesn’t have to work hard at anything and can throw money around to attract the bimbos with the big tits while driving around in a fancy car.

  2. dontdatethatdude says:

    I wouldn’t date any of them because I think they are “fake” people, even “most” doctors. Plus they are career obsessed, except the teachers who may have started out wanting to do well and offer something, but then realized the availability of young girl sex and got lazy and perverted, but it does depend on the person. I also think “cult leaders”, like Jim Jones and that guy from Waco become chick magnets…yuck!

  3. dontdatethatdude says:

    Oh I forgot to say, and this is important. LOL! I would not date an “ugly gross” guy like Gene Simmons or God forbid Bill Clinton, just because they are rich or famous!

  4. WIGSF, even if he’s rich, if he’s not good-looking and looks like Dany de Vito, there’s little chance he lift hot chicks. Except if they’re blind. On the other hand, if he’s rich, he can pay for expensive plastic surgery, but he’d better be careful not to end up like Michael Jackson then 😀

    DDTD, yes, they have everything of the prince charming, isn’t it? 😆 And Gene Simmons/Lemmy/Bill are indeed ugly gross!

  5. I am not power oriented and I would get lost in the power of a man like this. I would wind up losing myself for the sake of their career. There is no balance.

  6. I work a lot with teachers and I dont get the same sense from them although I can see it would be difficult if a student was attractive… I would date a teacher but not the others.

  7. Stardust, of course, not all teachers are womanizers. One of my friends is a teacher and doesn’t act like that with his female students. Yet, I can understand you feel attracted by some of your students.

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